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Well here 'tis.  The moment you've been waiting for.


YES, we will have the EpicSki Academy this season with the usual band of outlaws, and maybe some new faces....who knows?


We don't have the prices down yet, and we will soon.  But I know that quite a few have been itchin' to find out about the dates.  So here they are.


1.  Arapahoe Basin, Colorado....a 3 day event...December 3, 4, and 5.  This is the ultimate looney tune-up of the west, at my old stomping grounds.  Will probably feature such luminaries as Bob Barnes and Annie Black and more.  Will probably feature such dim bulbs as myself.


2.  Stowe, Vermont...a 2 day event...December 11 and 12...again with the usual crowd.


3.  AspenSnowmass....4 days (but we're discussing a fifth day option)...January 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 .  More on the fifth day idea soon.


Some details.


  • We've been discussing some "elective" events to balance the stable groupings we usually have.  We're likely to do this for a few days at AspenSnowmass, and possibly for one day at Arapahoe.  This way you can get some really specialized work in some of the stuff that is important to you.
  • A fifth day at AspenSnowmass would be the last day, and it would be a couple of elective subjects.
  • Lodging...Not sure at Arapahoe yet.  We will likely go back to the Stoweflake at Stowe.  And we will remain at the Wildwood at AspenSnowmass.


More on all of this later, but I wanted you to get a head start in your planning, and the planning of all the friends and family you're going to bring with you this season!!!!!


Hope the summer is going well.  


I'm busy revising the Diamond Book, riding my bicycle and motorcycle, AND I've resurrected my guitar playing, and will be available to play a few tunes at ESA for love and for money!