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Ski recommendation

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I know this might a very common question, but read quite a few very useful posts here so I am sure I can get very good feedback on this, I will try to provide the best background of myself for some recommendations, and although I know it can be difficult it will certainly help me look around a bit more.


My height ist 5'7'' (170cm) and I weight around 144 lbs (65kb). I am 30.


I started skiing 4 years ago (switched from snowboarding). Although a recent skir, I spent two winters in Andorra, in which the first I good load of good coaching. I skied most of the time with a ski instructor friend of mine who completely built up my skiing skills. The problem I had, though, is that both winters were a very crappy snow season so all my learning happened on piste.


Coming from snowboard, off piste is one of the things I miss the most and every time I can I adventure myself off piste, but I don't feel quite comfortable or confident yet so that's one thing I'd like my ski to help me with.


The first skis I owned were a Rossignol Zenith Z5 170cm (2006/7). I bought them a few years ago and I bought them a bit long thinking of having a bit more floating off piste, but this year, because I haven't skied that much and probably because I loose a bit of weight I kind of found them a bit long and I really got interested in changing them for shorter ones.


I kind of liked the skis so looked for the same on or the Z9 to switch to, probably 162cm, but I'd like to hear your comments on that. Both on which ski and what length.


To be honest, I think I will spend a lot of time on piste, I like to make sharp turns and practice my technique, but I really want to start gaining confidence off piste as well.


So, any help and recommendation will be helpfull. I guess I'll wait until the end of the next US ski season to try to get a good sale.



Greetings from Argentina,


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Well, I am not too familiar with these or any other piste dedicated carving skis, but as far as I can tell, the Z5 and the Z9 have exactly the same dimensions, so you probably would not get better off piste performance.  Your skis have a 74 mm waist, which means that they will probably not float very well in powder, and will be harder to control in chopped up and variable snow.  There are MANY skis out there that are wider, in fact most skis are wider than that these days.  If you want something that does well on and off piste, look for something in the 90-100 mm waist range.  Good options include Volkl Mantra or Gotama, Fischer Watea 94, and many more.  Every ski manufacturer these days makes a wider ski that does well on and off piste. 


Concerning length:  You have it backwards.  For off piste, you need LONGER skis, because they float better in powder and are more stable in variable snow conditions.  Short skis are harder to keep your balance on.  While I would ski something longer than 170 cm if I were you, I suppose that length might be fine if you spend most of your time on piste.  I would bet that your off piste skiing would dramatically improve if you change your skiing style a bit.  This might make more difference than different skis.  You said that you like to make sharp turns on groomed runs.  Sharp turns are generally really bad off piste.  In soft snow, you need long turns in order to avoid stealing away all your speed and balance.  I have seen timid skiers fall down many times trying to ski down a powder run, because they try to turn lots of times, when really they could probably ski straight without turning, and be going the same speed that they would if making lots of turns on a groomed run. 

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