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Summer Sales / Ski Shops in Denver and Summit County

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Heading out to Denver and Summit/Eagle counties for some hiking next week, and would like to stop by some ski shops in the area to see what kind of summer deals might be available. Don't really need skis, but like to look, and if a really good deal is available, well...  ;-)  Also looking to pick up a helmet and maybe some clothing.


Anyway, we're coming from sea level, so to acclimate first day will be a relatively easy one at Red Rocks, and we plan to swing by powder7.com in Golden that morning. Scan their web site occasionally, and have talked to folks there a couple of times. Said there might be some stuff in house that isn't on their web site or eBay store.


Day 2 we'll be staying in Silverthorne with a planned hike up the backside of A-Basin, and then out to Eagle for a couple more strenuous days hiking with some local friends. In between we'll likely swing through Breckenridge so we can sniff out The Fireside Inn as a possible cheap place to stay this coming season.


That being said anyone have any recommendations on shops to try and get by in Denver and points west?



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Is sniagrab in Boulder still around?  (Bargains spelled backwards)

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I'm not sure, but I believe that happens around Labor Day.

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Got by Sports Authority in downtown Denver. Too early for ski gear to be out in the main store,  but they were setting up for SNIAGRAB (Labor Day weekend) next door, having orientation, tons of young temp workers there.


Christy Sports in Dillon is having a tent sale. Started this past Friday, runs for a while, forget the end date. Found a helmet there I liked, thought I could get a better price on the net, ended up buying off Christy's web site for an even lower price than at the sale, plus free shipping! Most importantly Dillon Dam Brewery is right next to the Dillon Christy's.  ;-)


For those who live in Colorado or get out there frequently different times of the year I imagine they're used to it, but I was blown away at how beautiful/awesome the country is out there. We did get to Red Rocks - my God, what a spot! Nora Jones' crew, (alas, no Nora), was doing the sound check for a concert that night. Couldn't stay for that, but would love to go back and see a show there sometime. Would really love to go back in time and see a Dead show there, but, haven't quite got that one figured out yet.






Did hike up the backside of A-Basin on the Lenawee Trail. Came out right by the Zuma lift, and hiked up the ridge to the beginning of the east wall top where the lightning rod sticks out. What a trip to see it all in all its summer splendor...




Montezuma Bowl, Northern Spy right behind me, Zuma lift on right




Looking down from up around North Pole on East Wall, Black Mountain Lodge in middle




Looking toward Zuma lift from North Pole


Saturday went out to Minturn and hiked up to Eagle's Nest at Vail. For those who've been there we took the right fork going up, made a big loop and came down the left fork at the end of the day.




Top of Lion's Head looking toward Mt. Holy Cross




Meadow on way up to backside of Game Creek Bowl




Game Creek Bowl




Game Creek Express Lift




On the way back down to Minturn




Damn! It really does look like a Lion's Head!


Of course we hit The Minturn Saloon at the end of the day for a couple of cold ones. Now that's a bar! And I learned about the Minturn Mile - "fairly narrow" indeed! Don't know how they do it - maybe I'll learn the hard way someday!


What else can I say about my long weekend getaway? It was truly ... Epic! 


Cheers!   ;-)

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