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Quit with style

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Quitting with style.........the new trend in resigning.


This girl's style is priceless!



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Pssst, it was a hoax. Cute, though.

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Hoax or not, it was pretty funny.


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This is too funny,............




Amazing!" wrote "Dave," in a comment on the website. "Not only attractive, but smart witty and funny! Great qualities!"

Except it was all a hoax.

In a series of 33 photos, Porterfield posed as "Jenny," an office assistant at an unnamed financial company, clutching a dry-erase board that, photo-by-photo, explained why she was quitting her "job." In fact, Porterfield is an actress now in Los Angeles.


see the full story here.




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Would have been amazing if it wasn't a hoax :(

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