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Missing mail

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Apparently right as you upgraded something happened to my IN box.


I was trying to see if the upgrade had occurred, was in the trash folder, selected "all", hit the delete key, and all of a sudden the screen came up saying Epic was down.


When I came back the trash was still there, but my IN box was gone.

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I'll put in a report. 

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I am not sure if it ended up in the Trash folder or not.  If it did, there's no way to move it back to IN.  I can't remember what exactly was in IN.....

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I'm finding if I ask for the Next page, it takes me to a different folder and doesn't stay in the same folder.  Not sure if this has something to do with my problem or not.

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It sounds like you may have clicked the deletion button at an unfortunate time.  I'm sorry that you're having trouble.  If you would like, I can move all of your PMs from your trash folder back in to your inbox for you.  You'll then need to delete the ones that you don't want again.  Unfortunately, I can't tell what used to be in one folder and what used to be in a different one.


If you would like to do that, please let me know and I'll take care of it.



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Okay, I sent a private message to you before I went to Denver last Thursday saying to move my mail back to the IN box, but it's still sitting in my Trash, so can you move it back to my IN box, please?

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Kyle's on vacation, sibhusky. I'll see if we can get it done elsewise. Thanks for your patience!

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We're going to have to wait for Kyle to get back, sib--he's the database magician.

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Hey, Nolo, how's Kyle's vacation goin'?


And really, shouldn't we be able to select messages and move them back to the IN folder anyway?  Otherwise, why hold them in the trash folder to begin with?

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Oops--I guess that got forgot. I'll bring it up again.

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