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Ski advice.

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Hi, I'm new here.. I was looking at getting a pair of twin tip skis for next season AND seasons to come. I am an intermidiate-Advanced skiier. Im looking for a ski that is durable. I like to ski groomed runs and terrain parks. (50/50). So im looking for a ski that isn't center mounted. I'm 5'9" and weigh 145 pounds. Im stumped at finding a good ski for me. What do you guys think? Im not worried about price. Also sorry if you see too many posts like this.

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Boone Freeride Skis (come in a variety of graphics)

Line Chronic Cryptonites

Scott Punisher

Liberty Morphic


You're really describing an all mountain twin tip.  Pretty much every ski company that makes twins has something that falls into this catagory.  I would recommend any of the skis above.

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