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Race and semi-race boots

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Hi guys,


Great forum, i really like it. Thank you for helping us with our boot questions.


I have a question for you. It regards plug and semi-plug boots. I have looked for info on the subject but did not find anything i could use.

As you know, some plug and consumer plug boots have positive lateral cant built into the lower, like the Atomic RT Ti/CS, Nordica Dobermann WC/Pro, Lange RL12, Fisher plug. Some don't have it like the Tecnica Race R/ Pro, Salomon plug, Lange RL11. My question for you is this: do the boots that come with lateral cant built into the shell have an advantage over the boots that have a neutral lower? I can feel the difference between them from the moment i put my foot into the shell. However, i have not skied one yet. I also know that the boots which come with lateral cant also have some varus built in the bootboard.

My current boot works well for me. I am very satisfied with it, but it does not have lateral cant built into the shell.

Assuming that the geometry, flex and fit of a boot with lateral cant are good for me, do you think that it can have an advantage over the boot with a neutral lower?


I know that it would be best if i tried one on snow, but it is not simple. I would have to order it.


I know that some racers use boots that do not use the lateral cant, at least the plug offered to us, mortals. Perhaps their boots do have lateral cant. I do not know. There are many skiers using Tecnica and Salomon, including WC skiers.


I would use the boots primarily for carving. I like short to medium size turns. I ski on a small hill and i rarely ski GS turns, although i like them. My boots work really well, i can get good angles (inclination) at carving, but i always wonder how i would do with a boot with lateral cant.   


Any thought are welcome.


Thank you.



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I can see you put a lot of time into your question and I wish I had an absolute answer.  But like many features these things are in the eye of the beholder.  It will ultimately depend on fit and whether the alignment works for you.


In the forum without seeing your alignment there is no way to say and I suspect even then it may be difficult to be certain.  There are races won on nearly all designs and there are people skiing well in all designs.


In the end you will have to find a way to test a specific model that you may be considering.


Last year I tested the new Dalbello 130 in the 94mm last and liked it very much.  However, it was a much snugger fit than the 98mm Head Raptor I currently ski and like and it was stiffer.  So still hard to say how the design worked as I wasn't comparing apples to apples.



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