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With some pre season sales coming up at the end of the month, I was wondering what narrow last (<= 100mm) ski boots with walkmode will be available upcoming season ...


I am looking to get new ski boots that would allow me to do some hiking for sidecountry / backcountry skiing but with Alpine boot performance / rigidity. These should be Alpine boots with a walkmode and maybe a sole insert. I am NOT looking to get a dedicated dynafit touring boot.


29 yrs


6'2 180 lbs

East Coast & Alps


Doing a little research, there seem to be a few candidates ...


Salomon Quest series

100mm last (some places say 101mm)

similar fit to impact

Some of these were recalled earlier due to the optional dynafit toe piece breaking. Back on the market???



Atomic Tracker series

98 mm last

similar fit to Nuke series



Tecnica Agent (AT / BC)

98 mm last

The boots with walkmode appear to be dynafit ones ...



So, am I missing any boots here? Any issues (aside form the Quest / dynafit problem) with the Tracker or Quest?