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Lange Freeride 130

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I'm looking to replace my 5 year old Salomon X-Wave 9 size 24.5, which are a bit tight fitting in the toebox.  Many modifications have been made to the shell and inner boot to try to give my toes a bit more length and width.  Otherwise I like the fit of the ankle, instep and midfoot of my X-Waves.


Before I bought the X-Waves I tried on a size 7.5 Lange Comp 100.  I really liked the fit except one significant pressure point on the instep just above my arch.  My bootfitter said it couldn't be punched since the pressure point was right at a seam.  There was definitely more room for my toes and the rest of the fit was as good as the smaller X-Waves.  However, I decided to go with the X-Waves since I thought I'd be able to get a bit more room for my toes.


I'm interested in a pair of size 7.5 Lange Freeride 130.  I can get a new pair (2008 model year) for ~$200.  I know it'll be significantly stiffer and I'm willing to have them softened (I'm 5'7" and 150lbs and like the current flex 110 of my X-Waves).  I'm most concerned about the possible same pressure point on the instep.  Does the Freeride 130 fit the same as the Comp 100?  BTW I already have custom footbeds (about 10 years old) and will probably replace them when I get new boots.  Thanks!


PS I also posted this thread in the boot fitting forum but thought I'd get more traffic here.

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I have a wide forefoot, and a high instep and am in about the same sized boot in the Lange 130. Awesome boot, but it took some work to get it dialed. For the instep my bootfitter ended up shimming my heel and replacing the footbed. I also had them punched near the front. I'm 20 pounds heavier than you and about the same height. Awesome boot and they rock when  you are pinning it through snow consistency transitions and for hitting landings ect.

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This may not be helpful, but fyi the Freeride and the World Cup share the same mold for the lower shell. The upper shell is different (better shock absorption for the Freeride)

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