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Lange Freeride 130

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I'm looking to replace my 5 year old Salomon X-Wave 9 size 24.5, which are a bit tight fitting in the toebox.  Many modifications have been made to the shell and inner boot to try to give my toes a bit more length and width.  Otherwise I like the fit of the ankle, instep and midfoot of my X-Waves.


Before I bought the X-Waves I tried on a size 7.5 Lange Comp 100.  I really liked the fit except one significant pressure point on the instep just above my arch.  My bootfitter said it couldn't be punched since the pressure point was right at a seam.  There was definitely more room for my toes and the rest of the fit was as good as the smaller X-Waves.  However, I decided to go with the X-Waves since I thought I'd be able to get a bit more room for my toes.


I'm interested in a pair of size 7.5 Lange Freeride 130.  I can get a new pair for ~$200.  I know it'll be significantly stiffer and I'm willing to have them softened (I'm 5'7" and 150lbs and like the current flex 110 of my X-Waves).  I'm most concerned about the possible same pressure point on the instep.  Does the Freeride 130 fit the same as the Comp 100?  BTW I already have custom footbeds (about 10 years old) and will probably replace them when I get new boots.  Thanks!

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Are you buying the boots from a friend that they are so cheap?



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No, they are from a website.

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Freeride 130 fits similar to the  Comp 100.   Not exactly the same.  lower then the wave for sure, but you can lower the boot board a bit.

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