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Books for waCKO

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So you want the easy to learn, paint by numbers, sequences for skiing. Go to http://store.yahoo.com/ussa/edbook.html order: "Carving Turns Made Easy" and "Skiing and the Art of Carving"

The videos are available on this page. Plus world cup winning run videos. http://store.yahoo.com/ussa/edbook.html

There are some other Ellen Post Foster books here. Lots of drills. http://www.tpsf.org/otherbooks.html
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I hope these have lots of colors to keep his attention............ and ........ real simple easy words!
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You forgot "Snow skiing for Dummies" ( This is a real book, no kidding! )
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What was the name of that book, I forget...."How to make friends and influence people?"
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