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Achilles Tendon Rupture

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So I ruptured my left achilles tendon and surgery seems to be the way to go  (softball rounding first going for second. pop)


Anyone go through this?  Any recomendations, caveats, things you wish you knew sooner?


Since my physical activity will take a hit over the upcoming months, any good hobbies, activities or pursuits that are suited to the recovery (Ie, boot, soft cast, crutches, etc)


any ideas appreciated.

at least it happened now instead of december




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Sorry to hear about your injury Brad!  You're right about your timing!  I didn't tear my achillies, but I did have it lengthened about 10 years ago.  The doc sliced into it in 3 different places.  I know that what worked for me the best to rehab it was to swim with fins on.  You can even just sit on a dock or at the edge of the pool doing some kicking with your feet in the water with the fins on to achieve the same good stretch.


Hope your recovery goes well!  Keep us posted!



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