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hi there ski and snow fans


just heard in from the team down at wanaka

epic conditoins for the big mountain day- strong runs on wicked lines for ted davenport and travis rice


results comin thru 


evidently the camera ops have alot of content in the can- so soon the results will be up on exstreamtv


we will drop another report in on the weekend from the exstreamtv streetstyle big air event


also heard that yesterday the team down there had a down mountain day which culminated in a dodgem car session with a coupla old cars getting destroyed in the fracas ! mmm snow athletes getting slightly bored when not competing me thinks


any way got to shoot- here's a little reminder of what big mountain day 2009 looked like

rydor mcclune shredded this one- amazing lines again soak it up


will be back soonish