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Rockin the Suburbs

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this deserves its own thread, too many pictures for the random thread. 


North Park, Pa is suburban park about 15 minutes north of Pittsburgh. It is the largest county park and has the largest amount oif singletrack in one part in a hours drive of pittsburgh. 40-50 miles off it as its debatable whats in the park or not.  Its cool you can a 3 hour plus epic ride while not repeating and exploring a rather large area with out having to drive to far from the city. Last saturday me, my teamate Erika and long time riding buddy Dave got to ride just shy of 30 miles of some amazingly dry singletrack. also it didnt rain and wasnt super humid so my camera actually worked!


a staple of eastern riding the tree slalom 




erika ride in a skirt and wear knees pad, we dont care much cause she keeps up and beats most of the guys that come out to ride with us, on climbs we call her the little ball of fury.




Dave takes care of one of the few rocky spot at north park



Erika must have forgotten how to wheelie, I bet shes happy she has the knee pads on.:)




erika on some anti Pa trail, wideopen and flowly




more typical Pa Riding



with out tubeless this picture would have been a fail



the pine forest here is really pretty





We also caught up with Steve



and his girlfriend Jenn who clearly does not like us she is sticking her tongue out



this trail is all about the flow.


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Nice stuff, Josh!  You have some lovely trails so close to P'burgh!

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