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Ski Club Video

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I just put together a video for our ski club's upcoming Open House.  A friend of my daughter provided the music.


Just looking for constructive criticism.


Watch the video

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The video has gone through three modifications.  In all it's been watched over 500 times and has been well received.  I used basic Windows Movie Maker.  I own Roxio My DVD 10 Premiere but I'm not as comfortable using it.  I'm looking for suggestions on how to improve the final product.


BTW, The singer just did a gig at the Hard Rock Cafe at Foxwoods Casino.  He's getting increase air play coast to coast.  The song is perfect for describing our club.



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It would have been better if you left the showing length of the photo's just a tiny bit longer, and the change from pic to pic would match the music. It's a bit off in that regard. 


The introduction title is "cheap" looking. Not much you can do with Windows Movie Maker about that though.


Otherwise, the funnest looking group of old kooks that I have seen. Looks like a fun club.

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Thanks for suggestions!


Somewhere I have an old copy of Adobe Premiere that I might try to learn. 


You're right; we're old (I'm about to turn 64) and it's a fun club!  Recruiting younger members is certainly a goal.  I don't know if this video will attract them or not.


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