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My skins need some love

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Thinking about the upcoming season, I recall how my skins need either some fixing, or replacing.  I was wondering if all ya' all think its better to "re-glue" the skins, or toss them and get new ones.  They will embarking on their 5th season hopefully in November.  


The skins are at the point where they pick themselves off the ski and reattach themselves over the edge at exactly the time when I really need my edge exposed.  I recall 3 distinct instances where I swore I was going to march to local store and get new ones.  But each time, I would get down and give my skins the benefit of the doubt.  However, I want to start this next season 100%.  So, if re-gluing is an option, how do I go about doing that?  

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Regluing is easy -- if messy . All you need is some, news print, an iron, contact paper and skin glue.

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They're toast - give them to me and get new ones.  No, just kidding.  Skins can outlast the skis if you take reasonable care of them and reglueing is easy enough.  There are some shops that will do it for you, so try asking around locally.  


The easiest way to clean skins is to take them to a dry cleaner - no, seriously, if they'll do it, it takes all the glue off.  There are a number of people that have done this successfully, and it can't hurt to ask.  Take the hardware off, and when you get them back reglue with Black Diamond Gold Label adhesive.  If the cleaners won't take them, then - like tromano said - get a metal scraper and either a heat gun or some brown paper bags and an old iron.  


Here's the (long) classic way to clean skins: Cut the brown paper bags into strips and place the strips onto the glue, heat with a medium hot iron, pull the paper off, scrape the rest with the metal scraper.  Follow directions with the adhesive.  


Or shorten the process considerably with a heat gun:



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Thanks Bob!  And thanks for turning me onto telemarktalk.com.  Great site.  

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