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PSIA and PMTS love match....

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All right--you all thought that my happy meeting with SCSA was a big event--here's the next unlikely tidbit.

Shawn Smith is the coach of the PSIA Alpine Demo team, and has been an institution in PSIA for many years. He's also been the ski school director at Copper Mountain for a long time. He retired from Copper this fall, and we had a little retirement party for him tonight.

The big surprise was that Shawn announced his engagement tonight. Most people who know him would find this surprising news in itself. But the woman to whom he announced his betrothal is none other than Mel Brown. Mel is one of the top trainers for Harald Harb's PMTS organization.

Anyone still think PSIA and PMTS can't get along?

My congratulations and best wishes to both of them! Where will it lead?....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Perhaps an offspring who toddles with his pudgy little legs locked together. A preschooler who devises a brand new way to read, write, add, subtract!


This no wedge thing is getting to me. There is a movement afoot in our ski school to head this way. It's all well and good for the trainers to discuss the merits over coffee, however, it's my tail with the busload fresh from Nebraska!

I taught two fairly healthy/athletic nurses from Florida lesson #2 yesterday. Lesson #1 was an attempt at stepping/shuffling etc. etc. by one of my peers. They described it as a disaster. Got em in a nice narrow gliding wedge.....cranking out beautiful turns. Feel we'll be wedge christieing next week and soon a nice, wide stance, open parallel. Direct Parallel..... I'm sorry....you just can't convince me at this point with the masses.

I say the union won't last!

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Well if James Carvil and Mary Maitlin can do it......
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I knew it'd happen!

Years from now, we'll look back at some defining moments in this little thang we call turning.

I know I'll be proud to say I was in the mix...

Way to go, Bob.
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Now kids learn to walk naturally, lets pray they have a free hill to express themselves.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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They just announce it??? Mel has been sporting the five carat ring for over a year! I met Mel at a PMTS camp a in November, 2000. We all were teasing her about having to get a glove especially made to fit over the ring.

My congratulations got Shawn and Mel. May their marriage be happy.

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I've got to put this to rest.
Bob's been duped, or he's duping us.

Mel is engaged, has been for some time as RH noted, but not to Shawn (he's a long time buddy though). Mel and her hubby-to-be both live back in MN.

And yes, while she is a PMTS trainer, Mel has been a PSIA Examiner for about 20 seasons and is a long time Level-IV Canadian coach as well.
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Arcmeister--Mel, and Harald, and Rich Messer, and Shawn Smith, and many members of the Copper Ski School and Copper Mountain staff, were all in the same room at Shawn's Copper Mountain retirement party. The announcement was made right there, "out of the blue"--by Shawn and Mel. There was a lot of surprise, a bit of shock, some disbelief, and then a lot of congratulations and smiling faces. I was there--this is an eyewitness report. And Mel's got pictures of it....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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Was the engaged couple playing phantom footsies at the party?
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My congrats to them. I met Shawn at the acadamy but I've known Mel for many years.
I'll have to tell "little(6ft)Megan Garner" [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hey Bob, sorry, but maybe the libations of the festivities made everyone a little too gullable. You guys were lured, hooked, gaffed, netted, stuffed and then self-posted on the www. My suspisions of the charade have been confirmed, I'm sure you can find a sober, reliable source on your end if you're still buying the sting. It's no biggie, as some song suggests, we've all been a fool for lesser things than believing in the flame of true love (its there, but in this case, its torch bearer isn't Shawn).

My home area (Sunburst) is re-opening tonight so I'm going arc'n.
: [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] :
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You know, Arcmeister, I never would have believed Shawn Smith would have borne the torch of true love. Few people would have believed it. Perhaps we were right!

Well, I was there. Everything I said happened did happen. But it does appear that perhaps Shawn decided he needed to put one over on everyone at Copper one last time. I guess I'm not surprised at that!

I'm a little surprised Mel went along with it though.

Still, the ski school at Copper is divided in half over those who believe it was a ruse, and those who don't. I'm not usually that gullible, and this was one of the most unlikely announcements I could have imagined. So unlikely, I guess, that no one would have believed they could have made it up!

They kept up the charade throughout the evening, without missing a beat that I could see. From before the "official" announcement until the time I left, separately and together, in one-on-one conversations and in groups, they did one hell of a job of being convincing!

I still await the final scene....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I am glad to hear that Shawn Smith's getting married. I can't say I really know the man. Here's a little story about him. Last season, he showed up with a pair 140 cm rental skis at the Copper Instructors' usual Sunday 4 o'clock race. I thought he was just going to monkey around, not really going to race. Man, did he turn that pair rental jokes into some rockets! I rubbed my eyes a few times to make sure I was seeing correctly.

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