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riding switch on non twin tips

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Hey guys,

I'm looking into buying a pair of K2 Apache Force skis... I'm not a great skier, and the main reason i'm buying a pair is to just save the cash on rentals. I was just a little curious if it is possible to ride switch on these. 



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You can ride switch on anything.  Riding switch fast is another story.  Back in the day, when all of my Rossignol Pow'Airs were broken, I was hopping on rails from switch on straight Salomon Force 9's.

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It's easy so long as it's not too bumpy.  Spear a mogul skiing switch and you will appreciate upwards release at the toe.

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sweet, thanks a lot for the info guys! I think i'll go ahead and buy them.

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I was doing flat spins and riding switch in front of students on my World Cup Slalom skis and they worked fine.  Same thing on other skis.  Twin tips are of course better at it, but it's doable on most skis.  As Fugative said, speed could cause problems.

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I do it on groomers on non twins all the time, mainly when teaching. Never had any problems. Pow and off piste terrain is a different story.

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I think they stopped making goon skis sometime around the mid-50's, so the hot-doggers of the early 70's had to do their ballet routines on flat-tailed skis for several years until hart and Olin built their first ballet skis.


I've done ballet on flat-tailed skis and also skied switch on them without burying my tails, but it was always on blue or green groomers. A micro bump would upend someone in a hurry.


IIRC, some of the K2 Apache series skis have a slight upturn at the tail, not unlike the ballet skis had. I just don't remember which ones.

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Why are you so concerned with skiing riding switch anyway?  It's kind of getting played out.  I think the next big thing to hit the industry is going to be skiing forwards.  You heard it here first.

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haha, your probably right Fujative ;).. I was just curious if there were going to be any inherent limits with the skis.. of course, i'm sure that you call could notice the fine details in how they handle. but i'm not good enough yet to really notice the subtle differences.. 

Thanks a lot the help guys

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I've skied switch on race skis on the groom and pow no big deal till you stuff a tail. The resulting crash is a big deal. Switch doesn't do it for me.

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As mentioned above, if they're from the last year or two I think the Force has a slight rise at the tail (Not a full twin tip, but enough to not get in the way on unplanned backwards "events").



I spent about half of the last two seasons going backwards on flat tails while teaching beginners and have not had a problem yet........

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