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Anybody know anything about this outfit. They have a heck of a lineup of coaches. Friend of mine is one of their trainers now and was updating me on their season. Am curious if anybody has any experience as a customer with them? Jill alone is an wondeful athelete and coach, and I've met and skied with a couple of the others on their list over the years. Here's their list: http://www.skinastc.com/staff.htm Maybe after I've lived out east a couple more years, as promised to my lady -- this would be good folks to go work for!
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Kinda impressive!
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Knew this looked familiar! Been bugging me all day! I have a couple of links in fitness about their Dryland training camp. Very impressive. Their fitness trainers work with the Stone Clinic in San Francisco.
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Gosh, Jenny's skis look awfully LONG!

You're right. Great lineup.

I skied with Kevin Mitchell, current PSIA National Demo Team guy last year at Vail. He can really RIP.

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Hi Todd,
Yep, chris has a great group of talent to choose from. His core guys seem to be the tahoe locals of mike hafer and kevin mitchel. As with most of the outfits trying to focus on upper end instruction alone, I believe he is still building his business. He likes his staff to bring in their business to grow the group. If you move out west, you may be able to join his elite list, but like most of them you should plan on having a first job that allows you to be available for nastc as well. Anyway, just thought I'd forward a bit of my knowlege on the group. It seems they are our competitors, but they are also trainers that I like and have alot of respect for. When you come out, maybe we can make some turns. Wade
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