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OK, This probably belongs in the "Employment" Forum, but I thought it would get more discussion here.


Go to to see more info.


*Mountain Operations (S)

*Director of Ski Patrol



This is a full time/winter seasonal position responsible for coodinating and supervising all daily ski patrol operations including; first aid, customer service, hazard reduction, and trail set-up.  This person would also be responsible for supervising our Snow Cat Adventure operations.  Works with the management team to pursue resort oriented goals. 


1.  Must be able to perform duties of an experienced lead patroller.

2.  Also responsible for hiring, training, and motivating patrol staff.

3.  Works and communicates effectively with the Director of Mountain Operations and other supervisory personnel.


 1.  Administer first-aid to guests and employees.  Make assessment of injury, treatment and appropriate transportation decisions.

 2.  Complete appropriate documentation.

 3.  Perform as a functioning member of a rescue team.

 4.  Participate in all prescribed training and seminars.

 5.  Provide training for resort personnel.