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Ski to put Dukes on...

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So i'm trying to round out my quiver. Currently I am riding:

191 ON3P Caylors w/ fks 185

191 ON3P Wrenegades w/ fks 155

170 Fischer Progressor 8+

177 Volkl Wall w/ fks 120


Recently i've been getting into the BC more and more, and I also have a gap where I think I should put a mid fat (95-100mm). Seems like a good ski to put dukes on for some resort accessed touring.


I'm thinking along the lines of:

Volkl Mantra

Line Prophet 100

Salomon Shogun

Something else I should consider?


I have skied all of those skis (not in optimal conditions), and liked them, but not sure which will fit better for what i'm doing.


I also want something stiff. This will also be used for lots of crud bashing and conditions when it hasn't snowed recently- so versatility is important (including groomers). My main concerns with the prophet is that it won't be stiff enough for crud and hard snow conditions, and maybe has too much sidecut. The mantra might not be good enough in pow (although i will be skiing nothing deeper than 10", but often pretty heavy). Does it hook in heavy pow?



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seems like some overlap?  Good skis though.


Here's some to think of:


new bros'- early rise tip now, sweet dims,

praxis backcountry-it's 105 but a sweet ski for sure

kastle MX98 2011, early rise tip - skied this in April and loved it dims very close to bro's


other possibles:

Watea 94's

Sultan 94's

Scott p4's

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Give the Blizzard Atlas a try blows right threw crud holds on ice.  I have one IQ. plate with a Duke and another IQ. plate with a NTN binding. I can switch plates faster than I can change boots also If you had another Blizzard ski you could share the binding.

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