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head monster series

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I'm trying to figure out the differences (if any), between the 2008 Head Monster 78, 2009 monster 78, 2010 peak 78, and 2011 peak 78.  Can anyone enlighten me?  From what I understand the 2009 monster and 2010 peak are the same ski minus the paint job, but what about the 2008 monster and the 2009 monster? 



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According to Peter Keelty at "Expert Skier" the 2008, 2009 Monsters and 2010 Peak are the same.  He says the 2011 Peak is very different in the tip.   

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The 08 and 09 had a different sidewall for a slightly different feel. But it is nothing to be concerned with. All in all the 78 is a real nice ski, if you can't find a pair, there are some good alternatives. 

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The 2010 Peak has a different topskin than the 08 and 09, but other than that, who knows. I own the 2010, I personally think that it is somewhat lighter and more snappy than the 2008. A friend of mine has owned both the 2008 and the 2010, he prefers the feel of the 08. Some of the variation of opinions could be due to the different binding choices. The ski comes flat, so you can use any binding combination. That could effect weight and performance, as well as differing opinions.

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By the way, my friend is going to be selling his 2010 Peaks, 171 cm. They only have a handful of days on them, and are in perfect cond. If you're interested, let me know.

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Some don't call me PhilPlug for no reason... but the Nordica HR Fuel is a fantastic ski, at my shop last year, we switched from the Monster Series to these and found them to be simply "A Monster with a personality" we found that both the 78 and 84 out shined their Monster/Peak counterpart in most ever aspect. Start Haus has them for $249.00 shipped. Funny, color combo is almost identical to the Monster 78, you can tell Nordica had Head in their sights. 




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I have had 2 pairs of the Monsters (75 &78)and have loved them for their versatility. I have friends who purchased the Nordica skis and love them also but I have no personal experience with them. I am look at taking the leap and splurging on a pair of Wagner customs for next season.

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