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Good Mountains near Boston?

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I'm going to college in Boston this fall and I want to know what good mountains are close by for weekend trips... I know Killington is only 3 hours away but are there any that are closer?


Thanks! (Oh and good nightlife would be great too!)

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Yes.  It's called NH.  OK, maybe not so much on the night light once you've been out in Boston, but you'll be able to choose several big ski mountains and not have to change hotels.  If you stay on I93, you shouldn't have to drive more than 2 hours (maybe a little more for some) from Boston to get to them.


There are smaller closer ones but the drive time will be close to the same as you won"t be on an interstate highway.

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Some examples of what L&AirC is talking about are Waterville Valley, Loon and Cannon Mtn.  All have verticals around 2000 feet and good for a weekend of fun.  Look into whether your college has a ski club or a special arrangement with a particular ski area.  You might be able to get rides and discounts.

Believe Wachusett Mtn in MA is only about one hour west of Boston, it's smaller, but still decent and would be fairly easy for a day trip or night skiing.  Can be crowded on weekends.

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The best close from what I here is what Jamesj suggest.


If you make up to stowe, and want to ski 'fun" stuff Ill can show you around.


Burlington's nightlife is probably the best of any sub 50k pop city in the country. Stowe is pretty  great as well, but more of a bar scene where burlington is kinda of everything. 


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Most of the major areas have great pricing on season passes for college kids. You might want to pick a few areas and compare pass prices. Some passes offer multi-mountain opportunities.

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Mount Snow in southern Vermont is the closest Vermont resort to both Boston and NYC. When I was a university student in the late 60s i used to show up at the Ski Barn (dorm style lodgings) at Xmas and spring break. In exchange for cleaning rooms and washrooms each morning they would give you room and board and a free half day lift ticket. Made for a great working holiday but i don't know if it still exists today.

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Get the Boyne pass.  Run straight up 93 to Loon (but NOT on the weekend - your in college, you'll figure it out quickly) for day trips.


Then you can also do 3 day weekends at Sunday River and spring skiing at Sugarloaf.

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Im going to second Stowe on this one- Vermont is totally worth the drive up, and Burlington has a really fun college town vibe, not to mention cute college students ; )

drop by waterbury vermont while you are at it and check out the ben and jerry's flavor graveyard to round off your vermont weekend adventure

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