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I've currently got a pair of 2007 Salomon 1080 Thrusters, and I'm looking at changing to something else. I am probably about intermediate level on skis (carving on blue runs), but coming from a snowboarding background I'm picking it up fairly quickly and hope to keep improving.


I have mainly been on the groomers, leaving the powder days for my snowboard, but I'm wanting to spend more of my time on skis in the future, including powder days.


I'm not really a park type of guy, but may hit a few jumps. Coming from New Zealand, the snow conditions are generally fairly firm, so I'd like something that can cut through the crud and ice as well as handle the powder when it's around. A general all round ski I guess really.


I'll hopefully get to try out a few skis before buying, but having not really looked at skis much in the past, I was hoping I could get some advice on models to consider? I'd prefer twin tips if possible as I'd like to keep my options open, and something that's fun to ski facst on groomers as well as be able to handle the off piste stuff. Prefferable I'd like something from K2, Fisher or Volkl as I can get a deal on these brands.


Any recommendations where to start looking?