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Any Copper instructors here?

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I'm drawing a long bow regarding topic here, but I guess it comes under "ski instruction"!
Anyone here teach at, or have knowledge of, Copper Mountain?

I'm an Aussie, thinking of teaching there this season (with a view to lots more seasons in the same place). The website isn't terribly informative...does anyone have any info on what it's like to work there? ie pay, accommodation, ease of getting around, atmosphere etc?

They promote their training emphasis, which is one thing I'm looking for.
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Whoops! Sprung! I thought I'd try here first before annoying the helpful resort people.
I'll email you, thanks for the offer.

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Can I complain about the fact that Copper's slopes are crowded with joey's or that it takes 3 chairlifts to reach anything that isn't groomed into hardpack and ice here, or should I email the friendly resort employees?
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thanks BobBarnes! made me laugh out loud.
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How many resorts are there DownUnder?
do you by chance know a Kent Carpenter?
Just a shot in the dark. I know, It's a big place...
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What's a joey?

Are they expanding where the Taco is? I heard they have plans to open up a "Blue Sky Basin" like area.

Copper. Cool mountain. I've come staggering out of Far East and Too Much a few times. Man, those are some kick a** bump runs, eh?
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dchan said:
"How many resorts are there DownUnder?
do you by chance know a Kent Carpenter?
Just a shot in the dark. I know, It's a big place..."

no, sorry, haven't met him (yet). you never know though!
Hmm, we don't have many resorts, our ski-enabled country is small. In NSW we have Perisher-Blue (huge), Thredbo, and Mt selwyn. In Victoria, we have Falls creek, Mt Hotham, Mt Buller and Baw Baw (oh and mt Buffalo).

often aussies do know each other, it's quite weird. Our population is about 20 million, I think (in a land the size of the US), but the degrees of separation thing can be ridiculously small.

Bump runs?! Oh no, not more...!
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Sounds like you are about to embark on a neat journey if you can make it to the States for a winter of ski instruction. The reason I asked about Kent, He was an instructor at Telluride (I believe he was a trainer/examiner) from your neck of the woods. He didn't mention which resort he works during the ski season down there but another instructor was there with him. Haydn MacKay. If you do chance to ski with either of them, They are incredible technical skiers. I had a blast when I got a private with both..
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Whoops, look what happens when you spend to much time in other forums!
DChan, thanks for the kind words. I actually came to Vermont this last season, to try ski instructing. I loved the work, but was pretty disgusted with the pay and general conditions in the East, so, armed with my rather sad little PSIA Level 1 and a wonderful reference from my SS Director, I began putting out hopeful tentacles.
I'm now trying to decide between 2 resorts I never thought I'd have a chance at: Copper and Keystone. I'm delighted to have the chance to work for major destination resorts so soon! (I also hope to work part time down here in Australia this winter - now - before going fulltime).

The big issues are pay vs accommodation costs. So far Keystone might have the edge there. It's a hard decision. Anyone with opinions about either please speak up!
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Keystone does have accommodation - but if you show up before December, Summit County (where Keystone and Copper are located) isn't too hard to find a place to live in - tho it does get tight. Depends on what you're after.

I heard a few complaints last year from Keystone instructors that there was too little work post-Christmas. If Copper didn't have that problem, you might take it into account.

Er - not to bad-mouth Keystone, but I wouldn't count on it for too much in-house training - if it's one of your interests, you're probably better off taking PSIA classes around here (lots of them, and you get to see all the different resorts). Although Keystone may change its Trainer/training program for next season.

~Michelle H.~
( skiandsb@vail.net )
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Hmm, that's useful info. The Keystone guy actually mentioned that the slopeside accommodation can be rowdy (I'm in my mid 30s and prefer sleep to parties), and offered to help me hook up with other oldies who rent places.

They make a huge fuss about in-house training on the employment website...gosh I hope they mean it!!!!

I find some people don't realise how important accommodation is to foreigners. You just can't turn up with a winter's worth of baggage, and start looking. The US currency is extremely strong against currencies like ours, so hotels and the like are totally out of reach. I guess resorts that can help ease you through this will pick up the newby furriners.
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