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Salomon Czar

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Just wanted to see if anyone had some feedback they could share about these.


Mostly I was wondering how the topsheets hold up?


Also, are there going to be any changes to this year's model compared to last years?

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There's lots of info on TGR about these. They have a very large radius, a long, low tip rocker and a flat tail, which makes them a lot of fun in soft snow, very smooth and not grabby at all. The flex is playful yet stiff enough to be stable in longer arcs. They are, however, less versatile on harder snow because of their radius and length of tip rocker.

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The topsheets on our demo pair seemed to be in good shape after a year of use. Possibly the skiers that ran them don't cross their skis up very much (?) IAC, I have not seen a Czar that looked really hacked up.


Don't worry too much about the TR. The Czar has a fairly short contact length on compacted snow and is as nimble as you are likely to need a 111mm ski to be.


No changes for next year that I am aware of.



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