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tahoe at night

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one hell of a summer.  still hoping to sneak in a backpacking/mountaineerin' trip before I get shoulder surgery, but I can't complain so far...


after spending the first part of summer road trippin', campin' and sailin' with friends, my restless wife has moved on to re-modeling the kitchen.

this isn't a tr about that, instead, including a few photos taken during/after my first paying gig, apparently the only time I can make it out for shots is at night...


so, here's some pictures at a lake at night....












well, hopefully y'all like 'em, sarah's unimpressed, and reading...






perhaps a trip down to the dock with the dogs...









nope, still distracted...






well, maybe we should go shoot something when the full moon comes up...


first, the sun has to go down






and then the moon rises...















hopefully you were more entertained than my wife...


thanks for readin'...

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Ziggy and I stuck our heads in Patagonia last week but you weren't around. Will try again. 

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I'm out this week on Wednesday and then we head to Mendocino for a wedding Fri, Sat, and Sun...

Stop by, I'll show you around the building...

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Thank you so much for the photos!  I am out on the east coast, having left Tahoe this spring.  And where those images are burned in my brain, it was nice to see them laid out so beautifully here!  

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Nice shots Splitter!


Here is one I shot with my point & guess camera from the deck last night.


The sky is on fire:

Sunset 003.JPG



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thanks folks


@4str, is that in tahoe or utah?  I think you mean it was at tahoe...  If so, yeah, I should have headed up to shoot instead of to the bar to eat...


here's some yesterday that definitely fit the tr theme...






and the noob can't quite keep up with the old school...



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@4str, is that in tahoe or utah?


Yeah, Tahoe.


Luv the pup on the outdoor couch!


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Great pics. Splitter, lets spend an afternoon with the dogs and an you can show me how to use my camera better. Lunch/beer will be on me. 

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