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new boots

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I bought new boots last season(australia)I bought them from a proffessional bootfitter with footbeds.He spent a fair bit of time choosing and fitting the boot etc.I know there is a break in period.I have only skied with them a couple of times but they are really tight accross the top of my foot, even on loose setting.It cuts my circulation & is quite uncomfortable.Do I persevere with this or get them adjusted?

regards hooter

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If you haven't spent much time in the boots, the liners have not yet settled in.  Spend a bit more time in them and see what happens.  Also, don't do the buckles over the foot up too tightly.


If after a few more days in them they are still too tight, go back to the bootfitter and he/she should adjust them for any hot spots.

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Thanks taxman.Trouble is I am interstate from where I bought them & I am off to Argentina in 2 weeks!Any good bootfitters in Bariloche??

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Oh yeah i have been wearing them around the house a bit .Is this a good idea?

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Around the house doesn't replicate skiing, but does help the feet feel more comfortable in confined spaces.  As I surf all year round and avoid shoes as much as possible, getting used to ski boots does usually take a couple of days.


Don't know about Argentina so you may wish to get the boots adjusted before you head off.  Just a couple of things to note as well, make sure you are wearing ski specific socks, i.e. thin woolen socks.  Circulation is more important than thick socks for keeping your feet warm.  Also, if you have put on any weight since your boots were fitted, that will also affect their fit (5kgs extra and my boots are tight as).


If you are in Australia, there are some good boot fitters in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne (don't know about the rest of the majot cities) where you could get the work done. Let me know where you are or post at

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Thanks Taxman,have got some great pairs of thin woolen ski socks.Surfing used to rukle my life (not so much these days as I'm in my 50's,mature & responsible now lol) so I do have a broad foot.They do seem to be getting better the more I wear them.

Thanks again Hooter

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