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Dalbello Axion Ski Boots

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First of all, I am a new member.  I kept seeing this forum pop up on many of my searches for things relating to skiing; so I said to myself, what the heck I might as well give this site a try

Of course I am hooked on skiing.  I tried the sport when I was a senior in college at the age of 23, and I am now 47 years of age.

All right, here is my question:  *Has anyone tried the Dalbello Axion series boots, either the 6, 8, or 10 models?  Can you give me any information on their performance, fit, etc.?

On their web site Dalbello describes these boots as working well with parabolic skis.  I consider myself to be a solid intermediate skier.  Have some back issues, and trouble with my lower left calf muscle, so I am just exploring some boot alternatives.  I owned a pair of Dalbellos many years ago, and I remember being impressed with the comfort of the inner materials.  Any one familiar with these boots.



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I have last year's Axion 10. I like them, they were an upgrade over my softer flex Atomic's. I can't give a complete review because I only got 3 days in with them after upgrading mid-season. I got them fit a bit too tight and lost a toenail the first of 3 days and it was still bothering me the other two, but this is what I can say. They transfered my movements nicely. the last day I got in was a 18" dump at Sno Mountain. They cut through the snow nicely. I was able to flip around to ski switch a lot better with these boots too, but I must disclaim my old boots weren't sized very well, but these boots had some nice features. The overlapping flaps of materials of the shell made for a snug fit that still allowed blood to circulate.

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Thanks for the response, and the feedback on the boots.  Interesting that you mentioned blood circulation.  I have always had trouble with my toes being so cold inside my boots.  But the Grabber toe warmers basically took care of that.  Those little packets are nothing short of a small miracle.

I can stay out on the mountain and enjoy the day with those warmers.  I have had some back trouble in the past, and the nerve damage is affecting my calf muscle.  Any way, My Nordicas are just a little to roomy near the top of my calf on my left leg.  It is not major, but I was just thinking about a different boot that might snugg up this area without cutting off my circulation.

Sorry to hear about your toe problem.  I once tried to ski with an ingrown toenail on my big toe, and that was a miserable day.

Thank God that the good days on the mountain far out way the bad days!

Once again I appreciate the reply.

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I am as big of a fan of Dalbello as anyone but don't pigeon hole yourself into thinking about one particular model or series of boots until you see a good bootfitter to see what works with YOUR foot. At this point the Axion series might be a good place to start for an idea, but make an appointment at your local shop, or if you need recommendation for a shop, let us know where you are located or do the majority of your skiing, and work with a good fitter. The Axion might be fine, but chances are you might get some other options that you didn't consider, maybe in other Dalebello series or other manufactures. 

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I agree with Philpug comments......  The Axion (or any modern boot really!) is a great boot if it right for your feet!


I own the Axion 11's have ridden them for 2 full seasons including lots of beginner and kids teaching.... I love them, but they are right for my feet.... They accommodate my big calf muscles fine.....  The original foot bed was a cardboard piece of crap, but that was fine as i was getting custom beds made anyway.

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