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Master Fit U Courses

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Are they worth it for aspiring instructors?  At their site I see they offer an Associate course which could hopefully get me out of the "knows just enough to be dangerous" mode and I would be able to apply it to help folks with their skiing.  Mostly I find the topic very interesting and would like to learn more.  I don't see me setting up a shop or working for one (would interfer with skiing) but I find myself usually researching as much on boot fitting as I do skiing.


PSIA also offers a workshop and maybe that is the way to go but I don't have much info on it other than it is two days.


Any recommendations?




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it will be the best instructor training you will ever get. a course like this should be mandatory for the PSIA before any instructor earns their level 3. Almost every trainer at MFU has at some point or another been either a full cert, or level 3, or examiner level ski teacher.


there may be a correlation that speaks to the quality of the bootfitting that the MFU staff has, and a relationship to the ski industry as top level teachers and coaches.


you can take my commentary with a grain of salt, as i am on staff with MFU. ask other members of the bootfitters forum, like CEM, Bud, Phil, SierraJim, and others that have attended MFU.



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yeah, don't believe a single word Jim says as he is on the MFU staff.. believe every word he says, a great course, well run and a relaxed atmosphere to learn in

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Jim and CEM,


Thanks for the replies.


OK.  So I did even more research and want to take a course in bootfitting.  My next question is about which one.  I want to take the Associate Plus but it will very likely prevent me from taking any of the other ski related courses/clinics I wanted to take this season (my wife has her limits ). 


Will I get that much more out ot the Associate Plus course over the Associate course?  With the understanding that I'm more interested in skier alignment than "The Business of Boot fitting".  I'll probably never do much more than a tweak here or there for myself and my family since I don't see any benefit in buying all the tools.


Since I'm in NH I would do the Stratten course which is doubly good since GMOL did my boot fitting and I think the world of the staff there (they were very patient with me and my daughter still smiles when I ask her if it was worth it) and I would bet that Bill will be heavily involved.




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