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More Volkl race ski help

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Long story short, my son demo'd skis while at Mt Hood earlier this month and we got the recommendation that he should ski on Volkl this year. Fine easy enough. The coaches recommend a 170GS and a 150SL. The confusion comes with "race stock" vs "retail" and the difference between 2010 and 2011 Racetigers.


From what I can gather, there are no 170GS nor 150SL in a Volkl "race stock" ski and these lengths are only available in a "retail" Racetiger. There is very little information about the 2011 line so far, and when I asked I understood the retail versions, so I went ahead and ordered some 2010 skis.


Here comes the confusion. I get them last night and my son says they are not the same as the one he skied at Mt Hood. The 2010 retail Racetiger is the extended double grip with integrated iPT binding (like the the TigerSharks) but the 2011 retail is a flat ski with a binding plate. The only reference I can find to 2011 skis is on raceskis.com but there is isn't much information. I show them to my son and he insists that he was on a 170 GS, which had World Cup on it and no metal tip protector - indicating the race stock skis, but I still cannot find that 170cm ski!


It looks like the 2010 and 2011 Racetigers retail skis are different construction.


Despite asking for specifics, I haven't gotten any, and I am afraid that I may be stuck with skis I can't use. Now for the questions


1) Are there 170GS and 150SL "race stock" Volkls or only in the "retail" Racetigers


2) Would the 2010 extended double grip ski be significantly different than the new 2011 ski?



Thanks Z.G.

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I am not very familiar with Völkl but I might be able to answer the first question:

the thing is adult race stock skis subject to the fis regulations. And even women ski on 1,55m. But don't worry Völkl has a junior race stock. On this website you can find both race stock and retail skis, for adults and juniors. You can find the versions of 2010 and of 2011 there.. Völkl does cover the recommended length. Just not in the version for adults. Good luck!

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sorry, forgot my link: http://www.ski-depot.com/miva/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=volkl2011


you have to scroll down quite a bit for junior skis

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Within the context of Jr Skis, "Race Stock" typically refers to vertical sidewall laminate skis. Within the contex of Adult skis it means the same thing and more besides. Any 150 SL and 170 GS that is referred to as "Race Stock" will be a Jr ski. The extended DG Racetigers are adult recreational race skis. They are by no means race stock nor are they well suited for a child. That is why Volkl would not even have had those at their test center @ Hood.



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