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Pressure the shin and drive the knee forward sound like a recipe for tail skid to me.
But that was the right thing to do on 1993 equipment when The Athletic Skier was written. It is a great book...for its time. It paved the road for more modern skiing technique.

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I find I need to think "pronate" not rolling in or pushing on inside edge....
You're thinking of inverting the foot--tipping it to the outside. Pronation is the position of the ankle and foot for many of us where the arch flattens when weighted--the ankle inside, not straight above, the heel.

Rather than inverting the outside foot for more big toe edge pressure, it usually works better to get the body farther inside the turn while keeping that ankle straight. In the last third of the turn the outside knee can be flexed a bit and the outside foot inverted to tighten the turn.

In any case, for this original tip, I think royalties are due to a ski writer and coach who's first and last initials are the eighth letter of the alphabet. That's exactly what he bases his skiing system on.