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MT Baker Skiers

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I'm planning on spending my next season at Baker and am hoping to meet up with some skiers since I wont be really going with my own friends too often.

I'm 20, going to university in Vancouver. Spent last season in Fernie and managed to get in around 80 days. The school im going to is on a trimester system so what I do is go to school from May-Dec (summer and fall semester) and then take off the spring semester to ski. I will probably be heading up to the mtn 4days/week, maybe 5 sometimes.

Last season was my first "full" season and i'm super stoked to be doing it again. Before last season I would say I averaged around 20days/season from the ages of 5-18. I definitely made some major improvements to my skiing last year and am looking forward to doing the same this coming season. I like to ski anything and am looking for some people to help me push my skiing forward. Preferably I would like to find a group of skiers that are slightly better than myself. I also want to get into more hucking this year(10-15ft is the biggest I have thrown).I'm interested in pow, chutes and trees over park and jib stuff.

It's July but im already getting stoked for the winter!


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Welcome to the little mountain that could.


Which university are you attending and where is it?  Many people drive up from Vancouver, but its a long way to go as a daily thing, particularly if you're coming from some place like UBC.  Also, you'll need to deal with the border every time you go, which is not always a quick experience.


If you want to find other Mt. Baker skiers you can hang out at Grahms in Glacier, which is a bar/restaurant.  Ask around.  Baker is a small place, so its not hard to find the core folks.   I would be glad to show you around since I ski Baker frequently, but I'm 56 and I imagine you'll be looking for folks your own age for most days.


It should be a good season this next year.  Be ready for a lot of heavy new snow.  It'll make you a better skier.

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I'm going to Kwantlen which is a uni in Langley/Surrey. I live in Langley about 5 mins from the border so the drive to Baker, assuming no border waits, is about 70 mins. I have skied Baker before but only 3 times and I wasn't skiing like I am now so I wasn't looking for the same stuff.


Thanks for the offer and advice, I will probably be contacting you come start of the season.  I will check out Grahms.  

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