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How about an "EpicSki" house in the Vail area?

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This thread is to ascertain what interest there might be in having an "EpicSki" house in the Vail area, available for use on a nightly basis.


Some of you are familiar with the place I was renting last season in Wildridge, up the hill on the North side of Avon. It is a rather large, spacious place, furnished, with incredible views of Beaver Creek. It has 5 bedrooms, with 5 full baths (each room has a pvt full bath). it is about 10 minutes from Beaver Creek, and about 20 minutes from Vail (no bus service near the house).


The owners and I are discussing the rental for this coming season, and I am trying to determine if this is a viable proposition or not. I am considering renting the entire place (last year I only rented a room, with full use of the entire premises), having 1 other full time roomate, and having 3 rooms available for rent to visiting EpicSki members on a nightly basis.


2 of the rooms will have a double bed, 1 room has 2 singles. Rent would be charged by the room, per night, no added utilities, with full access of the common area (big screen TV, fully equipped huge kitchen, full sized washer/dryer, possible ski tuning area in heated garage, etc).


The cost per night will be approx $75 per room, regardless of the number of people (max 2 per room). This is only an estimate, as I'm still negotiating the actual rent amount with the owners. I am NOT looking for this to be a party pad, but rather a reasonably quiet rest spot after a day of serious skiing! This is not some deal to subsidize my rent, but rather to stay in a very nice place and have fun people stay as well.


If anyone thinks this is of interest, drop a note on this thread! No obligations, just whether there is enough interest for me not to get beat up for the huge rent the entire place will go for.

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VSP, I think that's a pretty neat idea. Not holding you to the estimated $75 per night , but at that approx. price, you are not going to find a better value in the Vail Valley.  I'm pretty fortunate that when coming out I usually stay with my friend who puts me up in one of his units. He has two in Avon with a couple of people. Chapel Square and maybe it is Wildridge where he has invested in a second unit. He told me its behind Chapel Square Bob's Bar or something is on the bottom floor. He has his own. limited deed deal at Beaver Creek Lodge at Beaver Creek


But to have acess to a nice place in Avon allowing you to even eat in at that price is really special. I like Avon and there are a bunch of nice dining options at moderate prices. If I didn't drink at dinner you could eat for $15 a night at places like Outback etc .


If I was alone , I would certainly want to try and get a bed at your unit. Last year I stayed 5 nights at the Roost in April and it was still $100 a night in low season. I didn't rent a car and maybe I'm getting older but walking down to the restaurants and back up the hill at night is a PITA. There is a shuttle stop in the back of the place which is good. But being in Avon IMHO better.


The lack of bus service is not ideal but if there are two people you can pretty much split a car and be close to the CME R/T shuttle costs.


I think you're offering a really great accomodation offer at a price that can't be beat.


Any Parking Passes up at the Garage in Vail go with the room?  (Just Kidding)

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