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Salomon boots

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Do Salomon (snowboard) boots run true to size?

(A 28.5 works for a 10 1/2 foot)  Or do boarders try

to squeeze into something smaller a la skiboots?

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It really depends on your foot.  I tend to go with my shoe size for most snowboard boots, but from time to time I'll have to go a half size to a full size down.  On rare occasion, I need a larger boot, those I generally toss aside.


For the record, I have found Salomon boots in my street shoe size to fit my foot.  Also, as with ski boots, you really want to go to the shop and try them on.  Nothing worse than an ill fitting boot.  Salomon runs a little narrow for me, so that is the main reason that although I can get into a pair, I haven't purchased any.  The fit is just not right.

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You just have to go try on boots for an hour or two. That's how I found the Salomon Dialogue boot.  I have narrow feet so it's perfect for me.  I wear my street shoe size.

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