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First ski season - Which Skis? Head peak 78, Salomon Lord, Volkl Bridge, Rossignol Bandit SC86 etc....

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Hey everyone, hope you can help me with any advice you have to share.

So its my gap year before uni and i've decided to do a ski season. Im doing a ski instructor course in Kaprun Austria and then going to Kitzbuhel to work as an instructor. In the past i've always used rentals but need to buy my first pair. Im looking for some skis that will work well on piste/groomers mainly for when im teaching but will allow me to venture all over the mountain in my free time: groomers, powder, trees, maybe try a bit of park. Im not much of a mogul skier so they dont need to handle the bumps.

I know its hard to find one ski that fits it all but ive narrowed down to the all mountain catagory, in particular: Salomon Lord, Volkl Bridge (maybe too park orientated and wide under foot?), Head peak 78 or 82, Rossignol bandit SC86.

My stats are:

Height: 179cm

Weight: 70kg

Ski level: 7 (Advanced)

Any thoughts or advice on these skis and size you would recommend especially for the twin tips (Lord and Bridge).

Hope you can help, Thanks

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In my experience, the only ones of those you list that make sense for teaching+rec in Austria are the Heads. If you mean this last year's, the 78's will be easy going and great for teaching, decent in light pow, very versatile. Upcoming season's are dumbed down a bit, so if you mean that, then the Peak 82 will be better for your own use, but maybe too heavy and beefy to teach on. Have you considered alternatives like the Salomon Fury or Elan Ti 82? I think either would be happier at a slow pace than the Peak 82's, but both will handle reasonable off-piste action.

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Thanks beyond for the advice, i just had to get a second opinion. I checked out the other skis you mentioned and im not sure on the Elan. The Salomon Fury's look exciting but from reviews they seem to be like tanks that barrel you down the slopes, not sure i could have a nice cruise on them especially when teaching beginners. Im quite convinced about getting the Head Peak 78 (2009-2010) as last seasons will be cheaper and not alot different. I've found a pair on a site in 171cm with bindings for £375   http://www.skiplusonline.co.uk/product/5597/Head_Peak_78. They come with Head RF 11 bindings. I think that when im out in Austria ill probably end up buying some fat waist or twin-tips for those deep pow days or jibbin around.

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I second the Heads from your list.

For what its worth when I did my course last year the Austrian instructors really frowned on properly twin tipped skis for teaching (as opposed to roughly normal skis with a round back end) and although they didn't quite ban  them from the exam there was enough pressure that a lot of people who had them rented skis. What was recommended by the shops/locals/other instructors were the type of all mountain carvers- the narrow Wateas, Tornados, similar nordicas,etc.(not dissimilar to the Head skis by the look of their spec)  A lot of the guys that started with bigger mountain skis/twin tips had a pair of slalom skis by the end of the season (ie 2 pairs). I use a pair of Storm Infernos which are shaped like a slalom ski but still don't quite agree with the flex (a bit stiff at the tip) so wouldn't recommend them necessarily. I always found myself on the ski routes after a snowfall with them on my feet rather than my yakka jams though just because for the majority of the time that was what I needed. Probably indicates I really should have had some All mountain skis.......


So the sum of that is an all mountain ski at the piste end of the range, high 70s or low 80s under foot and at the short end of your feasible length range of skis if you can only have one pair. Sounds rather like the Heads.

Remember you will mostly be on piste and teaching beginners and children and a ski that behaves fairly similarly to theirs in demos and when following is a great advantage.

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Thanks for the second to the recomendation. Your experience has rely given me some good thought about what is required. I was thinking of maybe getting a pair of wider skis later in the season for deep pow in free time, i can only really afford the one pair before going. The Heads dont have any sheets of metal in them so hopefully will be a more relaxing ski at slow paces for when demonstrating. Thanks for the advice, just need to get the money together and buy them.



Not long till the season!! W0000T!!

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