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Bindings for Volkl Bridge?

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So I recently got a pair of Volkl Bridges and I'm now looking for bindings. I am an intermediate-advanced skiier, 5'10, 160lbs. I don't know a whole lot about bindings though. From what I've researched, 90mm is the way to go right? I've head good things about Marker, especially the Jester and the Griffon. Under $200 would be nice, so does anyone know when there are some major sales going on? Any other suggestions or general information I should know? Thanks!

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What do you guys think of these bindings? Would they work decently?


I should add that I'm not looking for anything amazing. I only get to ski maybe 5 times a year, so just something that will perform nice and do its job. I basically do everything on the mountain, though I'll probably head to the park a bit more next season.

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Yup, those'll work very well for you.  You'll find a lot of fans of Look/Rossi/Dynastar bindings (they're pretty much the same, regardless of how they're branded) around here.  All my bindings except my Dukes are Looks, and I've been very happy with them.

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I`ve been on Bridges this winter. I bought the cheapest wide bindings I found (Head wide). They did all right so far.

Bridge is a great crossover ski. Enjoy it!

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Ok great! I got the Dynastars after. Question though: is 100mm to wide for a 92mm waist? I've called a few spots and got differing answers. Some said definitely don't go too narrow, others said to get the 90mm. I guess I could always change the brakes if I had a problem with them...

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Anybody? :(

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Both the 100mm brake and the 90mm brake will work.  Don't sweat it, since you already have the 100's, just go with 'em.  They'll be perfectly fine.

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I have Dynastar/Look/Rossignol 100 brakes on skis with 95, 92 & 88 mm waists.  They tuck up just fine with minimal overhang.

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Hey. Where did you mount your bindings? I plan to use my bridges for all-mountain use a well. Thanks!
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I did a standard mount on mine. I am not a park skiier so a standard mount made more sense. I have Solomon V12 bindings. Very happy with the whole package.

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Cool. Thanks a lot for the info guys. I took them to get mounted yesterday with my Look PX12 bindings at standard.


Hope you all have a killer season!

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I haven't got them mounted yet but when I do I'm fairly certain it will be at the middle of the mounting zone (not sure what the name is). I plan to go into the park a bit so I'd like the best of both worlds.

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I have been looking at the Look PX12 Jib wide with 100mm brake for some new skis that are 105mm underfoot. Will that size brake work?

What are your thoughts about this binding if I do not plan on doing any park/pipe? Will the 3mm gel/elastomer lift effect the ride in non park conditions in any way?

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