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Voile Drifter Zero

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I was thumbing through a Mountain Gear catalog I got in the mail and came across a powder ski "Voile Drifter Zero" for $250. Not really looking to buy, but made me curious. Searched the site here but didn't see anything for Voile Drifter. Anyone have any experience with this ski?




The blower pow outside Voile’s home base at the foot of the Wasatch range inspired the mad scientists in their ski lab to tinker with design until they created the ultimate powder tool. Borrowing dimensions from its all-mountain sibling, the Drifter, the limited-edition Zero demands and commands the deepest snow on the hill with zero camber underfoot for a velvety smooth ride. Pick the Drifter for all mountain ride but pick the Drifter Zero when firm snow is not in the equation and a powder experience is the soul focus.


  • Power through powder with the rockered design and tapered tips and tails that keep you floating
  • Trading all mountain versatility for powder performance, Voile removed the underfoot camber; zero Camber underfoot creates a smooth feel in soft snow
  • Appropriate for Telemark or AT mount
  • Limited edition version of the Drifter which won Backcountry's Editor's Choice award for 2010


  • Weight per pair: 8 lb 6 oz
  • Dimensions: 151 / 125 / 138 mm
  • Sidecut: 17.4 - 17.2 meters
  • Core: aspen
  • Rocker: yes, 31 cm

Specifications based on 182 cm length.
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A picture is worth a thousand words...




Here are a few more:  http://www.offpistemag.com/permalink.asp?id=363

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I have not skied the zero but got drifters this year and they rip everything well and are the best deep snow ski I have ever been on.

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