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Praxis Back Country's

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I thought I should repost this from my TGR thread, as you can still score this excellent ski on the Praxis website at the pre season sale price.


Skier Info:
5'10" & ~190#

Similar Skis I've Owned:
191cm Movement Goliaths; 195 Praxis Powders.

Ski Info:
26m radius
Tip Rocker
Flat camber
Quasi twin-tip
9 lbs. 4 oz.

Set Up:
Marker Griffons mounted 105cm from the tip.

Testing Conditions:
Two days at Mammoth after a 24"-36" dump in early season and two days at the end of April after a foot of snow.

These are listed as a 5 on the Praxis website. Mine however, are a touch stiffer (similar to my Movement Thunders) as Keith made a few proto pairs last summer with some carbon fiber in them. Mine are 6/7 stiff in the mid section but progressively soften up going out to the tail with a softer tip.

Mounting point:
As AK Bruin mentioned in his review, 105 from the tip seems to be the money spot for our weight.

Soft Snow:
In early season deep pow, I had such a good time on these, I put my Praxis Pows on gear swap As a powder skiing jong, if these work for me, I can safely state anyone of decent abilities would love this ski. For a normal side cut shape, I had no issue doing a variety of turn sizes in deep snow with no hookiness. These skis absolutely killed my Goliath's for being easy to ski, especially for making tighter radius turns to control my speed. You still get the slarve feeling off the tail, just not to the same degree as with the Powders.
Over the last two days skiing in 4"-12" of fresh Thursday and 2"-8" of wind buff Friday, I absolutely fell in love with these skis. The conditions allowed me to ski at faster speeds than in the previous deep snow (ya, I am a puss). With a little more speed there was minimal if any tip dive feel. The tips went through or over the cut up piles of snow as the day progressed with 0 deflection, likely due to the soft conditions. Soft moguls were actually fun, as the raised tips made it very easy for me to turn through the runs.

Hard Snow:
Hard snow performance is really very good and surpassed my expectations. It is easy to get the ski up on an edge and then you can rail them back to the lift. Sure the tips flap a tad when the tip isn't fully engaged on edge but BFD. When skiing dust on crust conditions, the edge grip is really good when you hit the hard stuff and is very manageable, but your not buying this ski to be on hard/icy snow all day.

+ Turnability
+ Stability
+ Bomber build
+ light weight IMO
+ Nice graphics (I have the Sunrise)

I honestly can't think of any, other than I would not ride them every day, as I like them in soft snow and have other skis for those firm days.

I love these skis. Frankly, I wish I could let you demo them, as I am sure if you needed this size ski in your quiver, you would buy them after a day on them. The ability of these skis to make any size turn that I asked them to do without hooking and dumping me, really gave me the confidence to try a few runs off the top I have never done before. They are an absolute blast and I will ride them whenever I am expecting 4"+ of soft snow. Lastly, I want to mention how much I like the tail of these skis. It isn't a true twin tip, with just a little flip at the end. There were a few times the firmness of the tail saved me when I got in the back seat?? I don't know, but unlike an S7 that has a more pronounced tail rocker, the Back Country tail is there for you, more like a flat tail feels.
If your in Mammoth with a 315 bsl, send me a pm to try them.

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I'll try to track this review down on TGR, but I'll post here as well.  I'm curious if you've ever skied a pre-2010 Volkl Gotama and how you would compare them?  Goats are one of my favorite all time skis for their versatility and ability to ski any condition with little effort.  I've been touring on old square tails with Freerides for a few years, and I'm looking for a lighter rig to mount Dynafits on.  I was thinking DPS Wailer 105s, but these seem like they could be a happy medium (lighter than Goats for almost half the price of Wailers). 

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The pre 2010 Goats didn't have tip rocker, so really wouldn't feel the same as the Back Country. For any type of powder day, I like the BC's more. Look in tech talk at TGR, as there is another BC review. You can also call Praxis and they can give you more info on the ski.

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