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Holes in ski base

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At the end of last season (Australia) I waxed my skis and then put them away. I got them out last night, scraped the wax off and did edges etc. after scraping down, I noticed a few spots where the "black" base was gone, and a white wax substance underneath was exposed. Should I be concerned abut this and what can I do to repair it.



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Search here on "core shot",  there are several valuable threads on doing such repairs.

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Just make sure whatever you do, do it in reverse since the gravity down there is bass ackwards.  The negative gravity is so strong it pulled the steering wheel of my Holden right over to the other side of the car.


Yes, you have a problem that needs to be addressed.  White, sounds like it's down to the foam core?

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Were they Goode carbon skis?

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Originally Posted by mudfoot View Post

Were they Goode carbon skis?

You funny.      Has I skieds with you (Jackson Hole maybe)?

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