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Need help with boots

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Hi, I certainly appreciate the collective wisdom.  


Me: 5'9" 160 pounds, 48 yo.  Skied every winter since i was 2.  Freestyle competitor as a teen, racer as a late teen, instructor in my 20's, Skiing more now that my children are adults.  i like being playful on skis and the sensation of going fast and pushing the ride down the mountain.  I press the tongues and I try to stay relaxed, centered and powerful in my skiing.  Last year was a high water mark by a long stretch as I skied 50 days with 15 BC and 35 Lift served/slack country in New England and Cali.  This year I will revert to my storm chaser routine with hopefully one trip to Cali. I expect to ski 5-15 days on lifts and 5-15 days BC.



My primary alpine ski boot for the last 5 years has been a 04 Lange  Banshee 100.   I set the cant adjust when I originally bought them, but thought I might revisit that.  I have added the second strongest booster strap and sole foot beds.  These are a Lange medium fit boot.  They fit nicely in length and in the toe box.  I have a narrower heel and I have added heel wraps outside the liner to snug the heel pocket some.   I really like the liners.  I wear thin socks and the boots fit nicely around my foot.  Toes sometimes get cold.  I am probably around 60-70 days in these boots.  I tend to ski fewer days, but bell to bell in soft snow on trail or off when i do ski.  I like the boots easier flex pattern for day long skiing.   My 2 skis for lift served this year will be 168 Icelantic Nomad and 184 Fat-ypus Dsender.


So all is good right?  Well towards the end of last year I noticed times where I was overpowering the boots-they felt flexed out and felt a bit mushy.   Happened mostly in crud and steep places.  Could it be that the boot/ liner is wearing out?  With the increased ski time and the bigger surface area skis I am ridding, have I moved to needing a bigger boot?


 I have a pair of Lange L10 low volume racefit boots which I have had for the same period of time.  The L10's have maybe 6 days on them.  The Banshee 100 is clearly a mellowed version of these boots.  The L10 are tight in the toes, fit better in the heel pocket and are significantly stiffer.  My toes are much more likely to get cold in these. I tend to open the buckles more on them when I finish a run to releave the race fit.  The liner is good, but not as comfy as the Banshee.  If the L10 is a 100 in Lange flex, then I would guess the Banshee is around 80.



1)Quit my whining and ski the boot that fits my foot well, the Banshee 100.


2) I need a new liner for my Banshees.  Not a big fan as the gear budget is overspent and i have some things I need to sell, not buy.


3)I need a stronger boot so make the L10 work for my foot.  The L10's are tight in the toe box and would need some punching out there to make them work for my feet.  I have sole foot beds for them.  i could move the booster strap over to the L10.  I could remove the plastic inserts at the top of the liners to see how that softened the flex-reversable in seconds.  The L10 has one allen bolt in the heel.  I could remove this to soften flex-reversable.  I could grind parts of the shell, non-reversable.  

These boots have cant adjust too.


I would like to settle on one shell before i start skiing this winter if I can and stick with it. I tried to research how much boots broke in over time.  I know liners pack out.  Not sure if the shells soften up at all.  The wimp in me wants the softer easier going boots for free riding.  The super hero wants the stiffer boots for power.




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4 have the toe box mods done on the L10 and have a good fitter soften them a little bit for you if required by grinding some shell plastic away (at either side of the clog NOT by cutting a V Iin the back)


i would suggest maybe testing the boot with the bolt removed but not use it as a permanent solution

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Thanks for taking the time to read my long post and give feedback.


I agree I think I want to fit the L10-won't be too hard-my feet fit Lange's.

Originally Posted by CEM View Post

4 have the toe box mods done on the L10 and have a good fitter soften them a little bit for you if required by grinding some shell plastic away (at either side of the clog NOT by cutting a V Iin the back)


Either side of the clog?


Not sure what part of the boot is the clog.


I am thinking reducing the top of the boot above the booster strap and to the sides some will provide the softening I am looking for-is this right?




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the clog is the lower part of the shell, softening a race boot effectively involves carefully removing material from various places, doing what you propose may give some effect but is not the best way and most likely will result in a boot which is too low and collapses as you flex, the work should be carried out buy someone with experience in working with race boots and adjusting flex on them, it involves taking the boot to bits cutting specific areas and then re riveting the boot back together, so the correct tools are essential  the area removed is generally from where the there is a rounded V shape on either side of the clog, this is deepened by an amount depending on what you are looking to achieve, care must be taken not to cut too far as this will weaken the boot or leave a gap between the cuff and the clog....... I will stress... the work must be a clean cut and polished , not have any over cuts or rough edges as this can cause the shell to split... you said you didn't want to buy liners...shell splits mean new boots!

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Thanks so much.  In between my last post and reading your post I located the boot fitter I will take my boots into in the Fall.  your information will help me talk with him in a clear way about what I am looking for.  I had toyed with the idea of doing it myself as the boots were virtually free new, but these are the boots I want to ski in and I want them done right.


Thanks again.

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