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St Andrews!!

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Fell asleep watching the ESPY's and woke up to the British Open at St Andrews.


Making coffee, nice rain(we needed it here), British Open, what more could a girl ask for?



A friend of mine golfed St Andrews(not sure which courses) for his 30'th birthday.  He described the bunkers as land mine holes. I can see what he was talking about. 

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My golf buddy got onto St. Andrews twice this summer. He said the surprise bunkers in the middle of the fairway were annoying/not really fair. He did enjoy the experience despite this.


I like Watson's quote "The lady had no clothes".

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If St. Andrews is the original course where golf was born, how did the game ever survive into its' infancy?


Golfers must drink a lot after playing that course.

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First of all, it speaks volumes that even among the avid golfers on this site there were only two posts that mentioned the Btitish Open all weekend.  Golf as a spectator sport with a fan following is really going down the tubes.


As a bit of a sadist, I find the British Open to be the most entertaining of all matches broadcast here in the states.  How many of us would go out and play in those conditions instead of doing something else.  I certainly would if I spend a rather large sum of money and vacation time to go opverseas specifically to play there and that was the weather God delivered that day.  But, I certainly wouldn't drive across town to play golf in conditions like that very often haha.



Watching other people have to try to contend with that can be most entertaining

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I had the pleasure of playing the Old Course on the 4th of July, 2001 when we were on our honeymoon. Hard to believe but they don't celebrate the 4th over there...... icon_razz.gif  I three-putted seven times enroute to an 83. I needed to birdie 17 (the Road Hole) and 18 to break 80. I manged to three putt both of them. After watching the pros struggle on 17 I'm feeling pretty good that I had a putt for a birdie.


To keep things in perspective, I played from the Whites (only 6600 yards), there was NO WIND, and I managed to avoid every single bunker.  Playing from the back tees, in the wind, or in the sand would have added a lot of strokes.


it was the high point of my golf career and I'd love to get back and do it again.



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I did not watch nearly as much of the Open Championship as I did of the US Open. Frankly, watching people beat their heads against a wall is not my idea of entertainment. I did see some wonderful golf, but my most vivid memory is watching some poor shmuck trying to putt. He repeatedly marked his ball, got ready to putt, backed off, remarked his ball and so on. Watching other golfers ground their putter then back off and not remark their ball and risk a penalty from the wind moving their ball after they backed off just made me groan. Golf is generally boring to watch, but this was just painful.


I've concluded that this is golf I need to do at some point, but I'm just not ready for it yet. At the ESA at Stowe Michael Rogan encouraged us to work on the stuff that we really sucked at and did not enjoy. We did a run where the skiing was difficult because the snow conditions were awful on that trail and Michael said "That sucked, let's do it again" (he was talking about his turns and not ours). Our group was at the stage where we could do better and the practice was worth it despite the sucky snow. It takes a special level of insanity to describe this as fun.

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I've had the good fortune to attend a number of PGA tournaments including the 1987 Masters and the 2000 Open at St. Andrews. Golf at St. Andrews is hands down the most memorable thing this golfer has ever witnessed. This year's tournament did not stack up to the usual Open excitement but it was the exception - not the rule.

Pat, looks like you were there on a typically beautiful gray St. Andrews day.

Wish we had more true Links courses in the states.

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The only major I ever attended was the 97 PGA at Winged Foot.  I stood in the rain behind Davis Lover III as the rainbow came out and he sank the winning putt. 


I had a little fun with a photo I took at St. Andrews.  When I was racing at the NASTAR Nationals in Steamboat a couple of years ago a Colorado-based racer was complaining about ruts.  I said that until he raced on the East Coast he had no idea what ruts were like.  When I got home I sent him this photo of me negotiating East Coast ruts.....



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