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Mystery "gasket" included with my Atomic Nuke 120 boots

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Two of these soft plastic pieces were included with my Atomic Nuke 120 boots. There is no adhesive on the back, so I'm not sure what, if anything, I should do with them. I assume it's a gasket for the boot that probably goes in the lower shell overlap.


Anyone know?





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  Hi okoba,


  Those are replacement water dam seals for the overlap shell leafs (on top of your instep) under the two lower buckles.  Over time the originals will work loose and let water in (maybe) especially up at the top of the lower part of the shell.


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Thanks Mike. I thought that was the purpose, but in this case it's not a replacement because there isn't a water dam seal on the boots at all. Nor is there a groove or any indication as to how they should be positioned or with what adhesive. No mention in the "user manual."


My old Nordicas don't have a dam seal either, so I suppose this is optional equipment?

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Hi again,


On some Atomics it is installed----If your not having a problem with leakage, why bother.


have a great season.

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Good approach.


If they leak and I decide to install the seals, what adhesive do you recommend?

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I will check with Atomic tomorrow and let you know---I'm sure it will be a good grade contact cement made for the shoe industry.



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It was suggested by the guy's at Atomic to use 2 part epoxy but as I stated in the previous post if it isn't leaking why bother.  In my experience I have seen many of these work loose when installed by the factory.

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Thanks for the followup, Mike. I'll try them without the seals and see how it goes.

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they are in the packet as they have several 1000 in the atomic factory, they are on some boots in the line but not on many of the race tech shells as they will reduce volume by a small amount over the top of the foot and they were considered unnessesary


as mike has said unless you have a problem i would chuck em out, as for glue loctite 401 works but is not ideal, you are bonding silicon rubber to PU and the materals don't like to be bonded, if you roughen the surfaces a little contact cement can also work but agian is not perfect, most epoxy is too rigid and will crack..... the glue they put them on with in the factory is a 2 part heat cure glue with a safety spec sheet so long you would be quicker reading war and peace..they won't supply it to us due to the contents!!!


best thing we have found IF you get leakage is to open the boot up, roughen the surface of the shell and apply a thin bead of good quality silicon, let it go off before letting the shell close down on it, this forms a great seal and doesn't compress too much...as with all these things it will probably peel in time if you use the boots alot

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