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Adjustable pole length

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I'm thinking of getting a pair of BD Razor Carbon poles, but I'm puzzled by lengths:

100-125 cm
115-140 cm

115 as a minimum length strikes me as kind of long; I ski a 120 cm normally, I would think I'd want to go down at least 10 or 15 cm on the uphill side for. steep traverses.

On the other hand, 125 as a max isn't very long either.

Any words of wisdom?

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IMO poles that are longer than normal are much less useful than ones that go shorter.  You can cut down the end the lower piece to get an even shorter length if you want - I've done this to mine.  I like a shorter pole for steep uphill climbs - put your hand over the top and push.  I don't ever really use a longer than normal length when I'm skinning.  If you're kicking and gliding, then you'd favor a longer pole - Idon't do that much these days, I'm mostly a tour-for-turns kind of guy.  

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I have BD aluminium flip lock adjustable poles and I am definitely not an expert but intuitive thinking suggests that :


1- you can make a longer pole shorter but not a shorter pole longer

2- Longer is better for the downhill side on steep skins

3- I wrap and secure a 6mm line for 8" under the grip to "grab down" on the uphill pole when skinning.

4- Got the poles as they pack better when traveling

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After years of bc skiing and adjusting my poles, I have come to where I generally leave them the same length for climbing and descending.  The only time I adjust them longer is for an extended flat ski, and shorter for steep climbing when kicking steps with my skis on my back, otherwise the regular downhill skiing length works well enough to over come the hassle of changing them back and forth.

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Leki Vario poles adjust from 105 - 150cm, plus you get a PSIA discount if you're an instructor.  They are lightweight for adjustable poles, and they won't "self-adjust" unless you try doing ballet tricks.



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 A pole that is slightly short is good.  IMHO, shops use that simple system of "turn pole over and grab the shaft" .... arm is straight GOOD MON .. that, it totally wrong.


Grabbed my wifes identical poles one day and they felt fine .... better .... then it hit me ... I was reaching down the hill a tad more.  Cut my adjustable poles .. like four or five times and they were still too short .. kidding but I took my time till I got it right.


Yeah, after realizing that I like shorter pole, I cut my poles down.

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