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Golf is like a love affair-
If you don't take it seriously, it's no fun.
And if you do- it'll break your heart!

Skiing is life- the rest is just details!

Maybe I've just discovered why I enjoy teaching skiing-

What is the definition of a SADIST?

A person who does favors for a MASOCHIST!

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I've been golfing since I was 12 and all I've ever really gotten out of it was a severe self-loathing... yet I write a check for that membership every year! I golf because it's a good excuse to get my lazy butt off the lounger and get outdoors.

Anyway, I can tell you why you can't seem to "step up to the plate" like you can when skiing. It's because if you hit an errant shot on the links, all that happens is the number on that little piece of paper is a 5 instead of a 4. When you fall while flashing a steep chute at 45 mph or better, you rupture your liver and die on a helicopter. Which of the afore-mentioned situations makes you focus a little more?

I'm going golfing tomorrow for the first time this this season, and I hear conditions are pretty soggy. I suppose those $300 shoes will have to stay in the closet for now. :

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Just reading this thread now that golf is back in the picture. There is one very important point I think you've all left out, it certainly is worth noting.

Visualization. In both skiing and golf I feel that unless you can visualize the intended swing, or line of attack you really are missing a fundamental tool.

When I'm standing at the top of a nice bump line, glade, steep shot or race course. I have a strong visual sense of exactly what I want to do, where I will turn, essentially what needs to be done to execute my plan.

Standing on the tee box of a long par 4, I see the exact line I want my drive to follow, the flight pattern it will take and the swing I need to produce. Especially in golf it is amazing how powerful my sense of willing the ball along a certain path is. If I can see the shot I need to hit, I have a 50% better chance of actually pulling it off....

Now of course execution is another thing entirely, but I cannot make the the swing, or ski the line without first visualizing it.

Hmmn, visualizing myself standing on the 1st tee later this afternoon....
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The madder and more tense you become the worse you will play.

Lucky has it right. You can beat yourself to death.Kneale has it right, don't worry to much about the score.

Why not just keep a score of the good shots that were made on each hole.

Improved putting can go a long way in making a round more fun, and time spent here yields the best dividends.

In skiing, not every run is one we want talk about, but there is always the next run where it can be better than the last.

There is alway the next golf shot, if played well you remember it, it not, there is always the next golf shot.

Besides, isn't golf something that we do to pass the summer the time goes more quickly until ski season ?

Finally, relax and enjoy yourself. If it ain't fun, then it must be work, and why would you want to do more of that than necessary during your free time?
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