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the first half of summer: a mega TR

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I haven't posted much in a bit...  


I gratefully received a copy of "The Jackson Hole Air Force" due to stoke posted in the past...


I finally watched the flick and thought it was great.


In gratitude, here's a pile of summer stoke, with a smidge of ski stoke thrown in...


So, we'll start with the end of the season...


Part of the reason I haven't posted much is the yin and yang of timing.  Much of the winter I had impeccable timing for pow days.  I paid for that great timing with poor timing during, arguably, the best spring the sierra has seen in years.  I missed weather windows, didn't have partners, or had other obligations throughout the notable spring...


My main ski partner, Jake, had his old dog pass this spring.  The few days things lined up, I was feeling awfully sentimental, and hung out with old dog...


I got maddaroo just about the same time jake got bob...




She's thirteen so her skiing days are done.  Mostly, we just walk on down to the beach.




jake ended up getting a new little friend, so he was distracted from climbing hills and riding down 'em




sarah and dakota and I made it out for some of the epic corn







I had to sneak away to the eastside, but with lack of partners it was a solo trip down to tioga pass with dakota.  True to form this spring we encountered rain and mist up high the first day.  So we played a lot of fetch...




and drank a little beer while we watched the snow melt...




after a trip down to mono lake




we checked out some live music at the infamous whoa nellie deli




after a warm night of sleep we woke up early and tried to beat the (then) hottest day of the year to the top of the hill...




the plan was to ride false white, the football field turned on it's side in the cloud.  We ended up riding the high point in the ridge in front of false white.




We planted a pole and watched it sink to it's grip.  So we snapped a photo of conness and rode on out...




A few days later Sarah and I embarked on a cross country road trip...










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My in-laws bought a new vehicle and sold their old one to their eldest.  He lives in Rhode Island with his family.  Sarah and I were in need for something out of the ordinary and that is just what we got when we took two and a half weeks to drive the truck from Reno, mainly along highway 50, and other smaller byways, out to Kingston, RI.


It would have been nice to take a way northern or southern route, but we needed to drive through Eureka, KS.  My grandma lives there, and my parents would be there days after us to move her out to Reno.  


There were a number of "what the f*#k are we doing moments?", but it was the trip of a lifetime and we look back with no regrets, and only gratitude for the people we met and experiences we had...


A few hours in, Sarah, Hwy 50, Nevada



the first lunch, Eureka, NV



sarah was sick leading into the trip.  Because of that, we got a late start due to yard work and other things.  We originally planned to spend a quick night at Great Basin National Park, but ended up rolling into Ely after dark.  Due to that and needing to shake the last remaining sickness, we chose to spend a quick night in a motel in Ely.  


Ely, NV



we woke early, and much less sick, and hightailed it to the scenic loop near Moab, UT.  We grabbed a quick campsite near Canyonlands and Arches National Parks...



that afternoon we headed into Canyonlands...




the next morning we woke early and fired off Arches in the morning...





Our first bummer of the trip, we gaped up Colorado.  First, we drove Hwy 50 instead of I-70.  While Monarch Pass is beautiful, and high, we were hopin' for an out of the way version of one of those ColoRAD mountain towns up north.  Second, we drove the western half of the state in a miserable thunder and wind storm so we decided against camping.  We ended up having a little too much fun at a pub in downtown Gunnison and stayed the night in a cheap motel there.  Unfortunately we didn't linger long enough and I didn't take any photos.


Oh well, at least we were gonna make to RJ's RV park in Garden City, KS soon...


RJ's RV Park, Garden City, KS



RJ's house is at the re-labeled KOA.  RJ is fond of his golf cart.  RJ loves to drive his golf cart around the campground and hassle any and everyone outside of their RV.  Then he returns home, grabs another beer, and makes another lap looking for unsuspecting victims.


So, between the relentless humidity between Pueblo, CO and the Atlantic Ocean, and the general miserable demeanor of RJ, we bagged up camp early and got the hell into Dodge...


Drinks are good in Dodge City, KS.  We had the best coffee of the trip in Dodge City and I can't say anything bad about the bloody mary they poured for me (incredibly early for the heartland, as it turns out) at the hokey, touristy, mock-up bar of old-timey Dodge City.



I grew up in Eureka, KS.  People that know me, know that I wear more than one Eureka Tornadoes shirt around often.  It is the best school mascot ever.  There isn't much to say about Eureka, it's small, it's turning into a ghost town, and the drive in through the Flint Hills was one of my favorite parts of the trip.


Sarah in front of my old school, Eureka, KS



my old sunday school, Eureka, KS



the blue stem lodge, Eureka, KS



my grandma's "boyfriend" jack. I've always called him Pa-paw.  My parents would arrive a few days after us to move her out to Reno permanently.  It was heartbreaking to watch them spend one of the their last days together.



We left them after breakfast the next day to have a few days to themselves before my parents arrived.  We camped the next night at Robertsville State Park in Missouri.  Sarah began deeply questioning whether she would be such an "outdoorsy" girl if she grew up in the Ozarks as opposed to the relatively bug free Sierra in our backyard.


St. Louis, MO



Starting with our frustrating drive across Colorado, thunderstorms chased us most of the way to Rhode Island.  It wasn't until Starve Hollow, IN that we had anything very notable.


We were able to get most of the campsite up before the rain, and most of it torn down before the hail.

I would describe waiting out a hail storm in a tent as type 2 fun.  At least we brought a lot of relaxing distractions to keep in the tent with us.


After the storm subsided, Starve Hollow, IN



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We were aching for some type 1 fun.  We gave it a shot and tried to find a neat town in West Virginia.  We thought we found it in Morgantown.  It was a college town and while nowhere near as cool as a tornado for a mascot, I was hopeful for any place that had "mountaineers" displayed in so many places.  We struck out on lodging, finding chain hotels that cost nearly the same as our B&B in Manhattan.  So we pushed on to Uniontown, PA.  While we did find a decent enough tavern with a good pizza, we were still looking for something more "cutesy".


We found it in Gettysburg, PA.  


Granted Gettysburg is a little touristy, but the battlefield is sublime, the buildings old, and the town is easy to walk with lots of good pubs and food.

Speaking of pubs, Gettysburg was home to, easily, the coolest bar of the trip.




after spending some time at the coolest bar of the trip, we needed to get some food...


Gettysburg, PA




It was time to get back into a tent and save a few bucks for the biggest splurge of the trip.  We pulled into Hickory Run State Park and decided to get out of the car to have a relaxing last part of the "road-trip" part of our trip.  Besides, we had some recreational things to do in a forest.




feeling road-trippy in the poconos






after a nice decompression session, we woke up, made some coffee and began the final leg...




next stop, New York City!




I'm not much of a city guy.  I'm been to a number of decent ones, but nothings really ever blown my hair back.  I gotta say, New York is pretty damn sweet.  It's too far from the hills, but what a place!  And the women, jesus, the women.


We hit the museum circuit one day...


Sarah, Rembrandts, The Metropolitan Museam of Art




Fridays are free (and busy) at the Museum of Modern Art from 4-8




the staton island ferry, New York City




the statue of liberty welcomes your taxis, your rap video boats, your pirate masses




the world trade center site




following New York City, we rolled into Kingston, RI and delivered the car to the brother-in-law.  


It was a relaxing couple of days of drinking beer at his house




and playing with our niece at the beach, in the front yard, and at the park...



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we hopped a plane, flew back to reno, and I went to work for a few days.  Sarah's a teacher, so she spent a few days on the beach at tahoe with the dogs.  


After a few days of work, it was the 4th of July...


I figured I'd missed the end of skiing, but my traditional finish to the season looked like it just might be doable.


So me and dakota, and a buddy from work headed up for a little snowboarding the morning of the fourth




arriving at the bowl it had a few more suncups that I'd hoped for




but it still beats hiking downhill




we hiked on out and I dropped the dogs off at the folks for the evening.


sarah and I made it up to south lake and hopped on our friend's boat.  we motored out for a quick afternoon sail...




the boat (and the crew) were three sheets to the wind...




we headed back into dock to make dinner, then motored out for our spot for the fireworks...




all in all, a pretty damn good independence day...


after a couple more days at work, sarah, the dogs, and I made it down to carson pass for a little car camping...







so far, it's been a pretty incredible summer.  I haven't spent a day off in my normal bed.  The second half of the summer is a wedding spectacular.  First, my bosses at Meeks Bay in Tahoe, the next, a three day extravaganza in Mendocino, CA, and we finish it all off with another 3 day, hike-in wedding at the Muir Trail lodge in Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park.  I'd like to get some standard-issue backpacking in this season, and maybe even hang out with Jake for more than an after work beer.  Perhaps I'll have to wait until fall to fulfill both of those with his annual fishing trip to the Golden Trout Wilderness...

Thanks for readin'


and thanks for the movie...


Sorry this was soooooooo long.





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...but sooooooooooo entertaining.  We’ve been to some of these very same sites…but not in such a contiguous journey.   Fun views.

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That was great.

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Wow, just WOW!!!

Splitter, as always, your trip reports keep me in awe!

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Thanks for the view of the world through your eyes. It looks nice.

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