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New England Vacation

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K and I flew east to a cousin's wedding in Portland at the end of June. We launched my 21' sloop in Portland and stayed a couple of nights on board at a marina to attended the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. The dinner and the reception were walking distance from the marina. The day after the wedding we headed out to Jewell Island. On the way we passed through Whitehead Passage and near a sumberged rock known as the Hussey. We had seen dolphins, but to our surprise we also saw a whale. We stopped sailing and just drifted, watching the whale surface and dive for half an hour.


1006 New England Trip 002 Whale.JPG


We arrived at Jewell Island and put in to Cocktail Cove. This is a marvelous anchorage and as we are a shoal draft boat, we can move far up the cove and avoid most of the other folks that frequent the place. The next day the fog and rain moved in.


1006 New England Trip 004 Jewell Island Fog.JPG


We rowed ashore and walked around a bit on the paths. Maine Island Trails Association has a caretaker on the island and maintains a number of camp sites and some outhouses. At one of the camp site someone had built this stone sculpture on the rocks. 

1006 New England Trip 005 Jewell Island Rocks.JPG


The island was a strategic coastal defence and heavily fortified in WW II. Below is a ruin of a house away from the coast.


1006 New England Trip 012 Jewell Island Ruins.JPG


Rosa Rugosa at anchor.


1006 New England Trip 013 Sunset Rosa.JPG


The sunsets were almost always spectacular.


1006 New England Trip 025 Sunset Cocktail Cove.JPG


Dinner didn't suck either.


1006 New England Trip 028 Dinner.JPG


We sailed out of the cove for day sails, returning each night. It was incredibly quiet and peaceful.


This is Halfway Rock Light.


1006 New England Trip 043 Halfway Rock.JPG


The week at Jewell came to an end far too soon. This is the return to Portland.


1006 New England Trip 056 Portland Harbor.JPG


My Dad bought an MG TF from an enlisted man that had won it in a poker game. He was in Europe at the time and shipped the car home. It was identical to this one that my Mom got a number of years ago. I guess she missed my Dad's old car.


1006 New England Trip 060 1954 MG TF-1500.JPG


K and I drove from Bartlett, over Hurricane Mt. Rd. to Evans Notch. We drove up to Gilead over the Notch and turned W on Rte. 2. Turning S we travelled over Jefferson Notch past the Cog Railway to Crawford's, a stop on the Conway Scenic Railroad's line.


1006 New England Trip 065 Jefferson Notch Road.JPG


It was great to see my family and friends for a bit. Two weeks flies by and I'm back in the office getting caught up. At least Breck is a nice place to return to after vacation.


I went for a sweet bike ride today in French Gulch. This guy was protecting a bridge on Turk's Trail.



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Nice TR MR thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed it.

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The Maine coast is a special place and this nice TR brings back fond memories of sailing from Annisquam towards Portland and back....and spending a summer on Mount Desert island.

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Originally Posted by MastersRacer View Post

Rosa Rugosa at anchor.


1006 New England Trip 013 Sunset Rosa.JPG


--[Outstanding Maine views MR.  Next time we ski I’d like to hear more about the Rosa Rugosa]-- 



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^^^ This pic of the boat above is spectacular...

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Thanks all. It is easy to get great pics on the coast of ME. The photo Don likes is in Cocktail Cove, where I never cease to be amazed by the sunsets. There are a few more sailing photo albums at http://photos.rdbriggs.com.


Rosa, a Precision 21, is apparently still in production by Precision Boat Works: http://www.precisionboatworks.com/boats/index.html


My mods have been to make the quarter berths into a mid ship double berth, converting the bow 'double' to ship's storage and head sails. The blue canopy is lightweight ripstop with a waterproof coating that K fabricate to my design. Old tent poles make the supports with bungees to hold the sides and corners in place.


Both my boats are early models. Rosa is hull 37, my Venture 17, Rosie, on Lake Dillon is hull 16. Rosa's dingy is a 7.5' Puffin named Rose Bud.


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Nice!  Thanks for sharin'

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