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A thought a Sham Wow could do that

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Salt water is not good for anything really and you can't wipe off the mist that ends up on the inside. 


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I have a Yakima rack system that was on my old car which I would happily sell you at a very reasonable price.  Everything is used, but in very good shape.  You would have to get new clips to fit the Subie, but the towers, bar, fairing, and ski rack would work on your car.  Here's my for sale post from a couple of years ago if you want to check out what I have:


Shoot me a pm if you are interested.



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I'm looking to get a roof rack for my Subie to transport my skis and mountain bike. What should I look at for a rack? Should I just get a straight up rack or a box? My car has a moon roof, not sure if that plays a factor. I'm also looking to keep this around (preferably under) $400.

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I'll NEVER go back to a ski rack after having a can throw everything in there at the end of the day including , skis, poles, boots, jackets, mess, no fiddle...........AWESOME when it gets SUPER COLD.......chuck stuff're gone!........NO hassle........clean car, clean skis no matter how many people packed into vehicle.......


For the bike, I commute to work on my mtn bike and I've owned all kinds of bike racks over the years.......... bought a 29'er this year with a "Funky" front wheel attachment set up, and had to buy the new version of the Thule Sidearm 594XT........BEST INVESTMENT EVER!.........THIS BIKERACK ROCKS!...........No removing front tire, 20 - 30 sec to get bike on rack completely solid for highway speed, and I'm gone!.........Girlfriend was STUNNED the first time we used it......She said...."That is AWESOME!!!!"............especially when it rains! ............Go get it, don't even think about it.........this was a life changer!

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I personally think that roof racks are the best option for ski or bike transport. And there is no way do do what you want for $400 if you buy it all new -- it will be more like $800. If you can find someone who has a used system that fits your car and then add a used box and bike rack then yea its do-able at your price but finding it will be a real challenge.


I have used the regular roof ski rack for 8 years and never had any issues with the bindings even getting dirty from road spray. The front of the rack blocks almost all the spray from hitting the bindings at highway speeds. So I think the idea that ski racks cause binding failure is sort of silly. 


That said, I am planning on going to a box because I want more storage in my car during the summer for dirty stuff, camping, trips, etc... putting the skis in there is just a bonus.


If you want I have an old yakima trunk rack that I don't use anymore (like this one: ) . I also have yakima Q towers I could hook you up with cheap. I may also have a Yakima ski rack available too (sorta like this one ) .  Let me know if you are interested.

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The thought of bagging a set of skis while on the roof has never even crossed my mind before.


Oh and I've also never had a binding fail due to road contamination.

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I have however bagged my bike every single time it's ever been on the roof. 

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Originally Posted by FujativeOCR View Post

I have however bagged my bike every single time it's ever been on the roof. 

After one short season I learned the hard way several years ago to do the same (all the metal on the skis were a disaster).   Now my vehicle is big enough that all the skis go inside.

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In my experience, boxes are far superior to racks if you ski a lot. BUT: 1) Thule's locking systems on some of its boxes are ridiculous, get to where they won't open without a fight because of the rivet design, different metals that expand/contract differentially, bow, silly little alu keys that break if you blink wrong. Good discussion over at TGR. I've had a couple, if I could afford to would switch to Yakima. 2) Many boxes won't fit under many commercial garages, let alone your own. So measure before you buy or you may end up gouging the top nicely. 3) Do you have a place to store the box when you're not using it?


If you have mixed use, don't travel long distances to ski, and aren't using race-prepped equipment, I'd say a rack, and slap on some fabric covers for your bindings; cost about $5. The salt/muck that gets on the rest of your skis is easily washed/wiped off, no harm no foul.


If you do travel long distances, have a big family/lots of skis and gear, then a box rules. Just not a Thule. 

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Boxes are superior if you travel long distances or have a lot of skis and gear for other family/friends. I've personally found Thule to suck, ridiculous locking design that has different metal bars that expand/contract differently, rivets put in too tight, so bars bow at low temps and keep the lock from turning to open. When you're freezing at 5 pm in the parking lot. Plus silly little keys that bend if you blink wrong. Big thread over at TGR. If I had the $, I'd throw mine away and get a Yakima. 


Warning: Many boxes do not fit under commercial parking structures. Or maybe even your garage. Measure before you buy. 


Racks are superior if you don't travel far, don't have race-prepped gear, want to throw bikes, boards, etc. on and off all through the season. Just cover your bindings with a $5 binding cover, fav maker logo included, and wipe/hose off your skis when you get home. Think about skiing in the spring, going through a puddle that's half mud/grass and half slush. Don't think the guck gets into your binding? You should clean, grease and check your bindings, get your edges done, often enough that you're not gonna get rust or grime whether it's from racks or the slopes.

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