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s7 versus Armada JJ

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I undertand that the Armada JJ and Rossi s7 are very close--construction, design, turn radius. I skied the JJ last year--really liked it--light, maneuverable, fast turn, great in pow...


Can any one comapre the JJ & S7 direcctly--is it true they are kind of fraternal twins?








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I skied the JJ and own the S7 in 195 (the "Super 7") and can tell you those two are definately not twins.  No knock on the JJ but it feels like a toy compared to the Super 7.  I'm 6'1" and 210 lbs so the 188 S7 was not an option for me but having said that the Super 7 is not hard to handle at all; most of my powder skiing is done at moderate speeds and often on limited vis storm days.  My guess (and its only a guess) is that due to its taper the S7 in all lengths will feel more like a directional powder ski rather than a modern jibby powder tool.  If you are interested in these check out the ON3P Billy Goat and the DPS Wailer 112RP.  

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The super 7 is really a different ski to the regular s7. The super has metal (as well as a longer TR), where the regular s7 does not.


Both use the combination of rocker, camber, and reverse sidecut type shaped tip/tails. Main difference between the two is the tip to tail taper. The JJ as about 3mm, where the S7 has almost 20mm. Basically this means that the S7 shape is much more directional, and aimed more at skiing forwards. The mount is also further back than the JJ, so again, more geared to skiing forwards. The JJ's shape is designed better for skiing both forwards and switch. It's a bit stiffer, so is probably better in chopped up snow. Both are great skis, but if you don't ski switch, I think the S7 would probably suit you better.


In my mind they are two slightly different ways of creating a ski for a similar purpose. Regardless, they are both super slashy, fun skis, and you would be happy on either.


Another one to check out is the ON3P Billy Goat like SB suggested. it's a closer to the S7 than the JJ, and the construction/build quality is better than both. I'm kind of biased towards ON3P though as I have a pair and have another ordered for next winter. The Bamboo/Carbon layup is amazing. Awesome company to deal with too. Scott & Rowen will look after you.

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couple more indies to check out


Praxis concept or backcountry- Spindrift got me looking at the Concept. I am a bit of an indie junkie as I think these are the guys leading the pack and are just passionate small business owners who love to design and build skis. I like to supprt them. 


The concept takes magne-traction to a new level, so check it out!  The Backcountry is another soft snow oriented ski that has a nice profile


Icelantic Keeper- this is a new model for them, 150-119-136. In speaking with Ben last week, he said the production version will have about 10/30 tip 10/26 tail with camber. This should be a fun ski, I will get a chance to ski it in August.


Another one to consider is the Kastle mx108 with moderate tip rocker, Maybe Phil can add more info on that ski.

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Thought this might be helpful.  Here is a link to the ski reviews on TGR that has 6 of the JJ, and 7 of the S7, which should give you a pretty good perspective.  You need to keep scrolling down to get all the brands. They also have a few reviews of the ON3P Billy Goat.



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