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Question for PSIA-E Examiners or Ed Staff

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I have no desire to become an examiner, but am considering trying for DCL. Can anyone shed some light on the subject? What is the exam like and how does it differ from a L3 exam, or Dev Team tryouts?

Because there is no training event specifically for DCL, I am considering going to at least one Dev Team Prep course. Is that a good idea?


ps, for those in other divisions, a DCL is a Division Clinic Leader, a person who will lead many of the training courses given by PSIA-E over the course of the year. For example, Skiing workshop, or Level 2 Prep courses.
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I've been considering taking the DCL exam for years. I haven't been able to do it in the past because of my inability to make a time commitment to PSIA-E to attend/lead events.

It's a parallel path with Dev Team, except that DCL is an end, whereas Dev Team in on the examiner track. To go from DCL toward the Examiner track, you would need to make the DEV team. As you probably know, Dev Team is a competitive format, where they fill a certain number of slots with the best people at the exam. So if they have 10 slots, they'll only make 10 new Dev Team members. They could invite fewer, if they think that there are not enough qualified candidates.

From what I know, which is not a whole heck of a lot, DCL is, as you say, leading L1 exams (I think), L2 prep, workshop clinics, etc. You will need to make a commitment to PSIA-E to attend a certain amount of events, but I don't know what the requirement is. I ski with a number of DCLs at the Master's Academy every Decemeber, and my last SSD was one, but I was never able to get a definitive answer about the commitment requirements.

When I go to the Master's Academy this December, I plan on doing more reaserch while I'm there, since I'm serious about taking it this year.
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John- Pretty much has it right. As far as a prep goes the Dev Team prep would be outstanding and would have the same focus as the DCL exam.

What to expect is a level 3 teaching exam but you need to be able to effect a change with your peers. You will be expected to coach to your group (real world right then) not just something you bring with you that you have used in the past.

The skiing has to be at a strong level 3 and all the normal tasks and free skiing stuff you see at level 3.

You will be required to attend 2 days of training a year and you must recertify every 2 or 3 years (I think).

You can call the office and speak with Kim Seevers with any direct question you have about the program. She is the Education Director of PSIA-E.
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Thanks guys,

I know what the requirements are, and I can handle that as I am self-employed and can adjust my schedule ahead of time.

What I was curious about was the format of the exam. Is it like the new L3 exam, or is it more like the old L3 exam?

I passed 3/3 in L3 skiing and got 15/16 on the "new" L3 exam two years ago so I feel like I have a shot at it.

But, it'll be a lot of fun going for it. I've always been an achievement-oriented guy and have liked having a specific goal I am working toward.

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WV Skier
Talk to your SSD and trainer(s) who are examiners. The attitude of PSIA is that you are asking to become one of "them". I know, you thought you already were part of the organization, but their feeling about DCLs, Examiners etc. is a bit like the club within the club. You will want to put together a resume and get letters of recommendations from members of ed staff and fellow instructors you've known or worked with. You may be a bit surprised at who is selected. If you approach this as if you are looking for "insider" status you may have better luck than with the exam mindset. Being a DCL can also mean quite a time commitment so ask yourself if you are really up for this.

Good luck.
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Arcadie is on the right track. This is no longer a pass/fail situation you are now looking to be hired by PSIA-E. Of course your skiing and teaching/coaching/group leading abilities will be "examined" very carefully, but you will also be subject to the same scrutiny that any employer would place on a potential employee.

In PSIA-C we now have something called the "Education Staff Development Group" (ESDG). Intructors interested in joining the education staff attend this event. The most promising candidates are invited to start attending staff meetings, training and on snow events. This gives both parties a chance to take a close look at each other before a hiring decision is made. This is a new program in central, but early indications are that it will work well.

As others have mentioned, make sure you fully understand the time committment necessary. To be successful you will need a good set of luggage and must be prepared to use it often.

Good luck to you in this endeavor,


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Thanks for the heads up. We've got a pretty strong group of examiners who I am enlisting in my cause.

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